Fairy Tales Challenge - Final Submissions

wow I finished her and she is beautiful!
it’s really been a very long time since I did a render that is original,
its usually fanart to get more followers or something along those lines. I’m really glad I was finally able to do something cool and personal thanks to this contest.
to be honest i could have optimized the poly count a bit more by deleting her torso that is under the clothes and deleting clothes that are under but i felt like that wasnt needed since im only at around 57k verts
I have improved a lot, since this was such a big project
I got more comfortable with designing and being creative when it comes to concept art, as well as making more advanced garments in marvelous designer, i also got more comfortable with hard surface since i had to make the wolf and her robot leg.
I’m also really glad I was able to get some of the 1920-1940’s feel even if its not related to cyberpunk very much, but I feel like true cyberpunk mixes quite a lot of decades into one big awesome world where everyone can like together by the power of technology, I am just such a big fan of those roaring decades that I simply had to make her look like a 30’s gal.

now you might think I’ve used photoshop to color correct it but i actually used blenders compositor since i also allowed me to use the depth maps and ao maps to add that extra nice shadow
it was all rendered in eevee
a good tip to get better shadows in eevee is too enable contact shadows on your lights that way you have those nice tiny shadows that work like ao maps

now in the next coming days ill be posting timelapse voice over tutorials on how i created her since i have 24 hours of footage recorded
and once the first video comes out i will edit my post to link it here etc

you can find more details on my progress on my thread

also to get the updates first check out my twitter and discord :smiley:
i would really like all you awesome people to join my community
you guys are all so friendly nice and talented i wish you good luck with your entries <3
and remember to have fun

depth and shadow

ao and combined diffuse color

raw render

woah first video uploaded



“It’s been seventeen years since she was saved from the fangs of that vicious wolf, since she was rescued by the hand of a kind lumberman. But she knows that wolf was not the only one in the woods, she knows others, just like her, are in danger and they might not be as lucky as she was. This time she’ll bring the fight to those beasts, keeping their tails as a prize.”

This was the concept I used to create my Submission to the Flippednormals Fairy Tale Challenge! I wanted to create a version of the character that was both kind and strong, a woman who grew up with a mission, to protect the innocent and get revenge.

I’m a fan of the realistic Style from games like uncharted, tomb raider and god of war, so I went with that style and it gave me the exact result I wanted! But beyond the artstyle. I focused on creating a design that’s both recognizable, actractive, but not too crowded, something that would fit on the style of games which inspired it.
This project made me work hard on my fundamentals: anatomy, proportions, color contrast, etc. Being the first Real-time character I’ve made under such strict guidelines, it forced me to make careful decisions and test the limits of what can be done under these constraints. I also had to learn how to make game-ready hair, which is by far the coolest skill I acquired through this whole process (I also learned a lot about rigging but I hate rigging haha)

The character along with her weapon are around 92K tris. It uses exactly two sets of 4K textures, one dedicated to the main body/clothes and another to the eyes, hair and weapon.

All renders were made in Eevee.

Views from all sides

Wireframe Shots

Texture Sets

Texture Set 1: Clothes, Face, Hands

Texture Set 2: Crossbow, Hair, Eyes

Base Color




Additional shots

Thanks a lot to Flippednormals for this cool challenge and their amazing educational resources, which have been instrumental to my progress in CG Art.

The progress of this character can be seen on my WIP thread :smiley:


:bear: Goldilock’s Porridge Pajama Party :bear:
A very current day pajama pandemic take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears with a personal touch of my very own teddy bears :sparkling_heart:
Here is the link to the WIP thread: Porridge Pajama Party

And here is my ArtStation post which has videos included if you want to see as I couldn’t figure out how to put the marmoset viewer on this: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Qr8yg8

I’ve never done an art challenge before, it was so helpful to update my portfolio with as its been great for accountability and creativity (I feel more creative when restricted). Thank you for running it, its been a blessing in disguise for my art side and I defiantly want to do more! GL HF to all the peeps still working on theirs it will be exciting to see the final versions of ones I’ve been following :slight_smile:


Postapocalyptic Gretel

So I’ve finally finished her! She is a badass Grtetel from times after nuclear war. Tough, strong-willed and relentless girl… so she would shovel a witch into a furnance without any problem :wink:

I’ve made her in zbrush, then retopologized in Maya, Textured in Substance, then rigged in Maya and finally rendered in Marmoset.
Triangles: 97.7k
Vertices: 49k




wireframe front

wireframe back

3d textures preview

2d textures preview, two sets

Sketchfab prewiew: https://skfb.ly/onD6B

Additonal renders:

And my “in progress” thread

Also if you would like to see more of her, turntable animation and stuff… and also more of my work then have a look at my artstation page :smiley: https://www.artstation.com/lunea


My Egyptian mummy piper is done! I had to speed things up considerably and couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted on the project but I still wanted to at least call her done. The contest helped me to get more confident using Blender for the majority of my pipeline, use Marvelous Designer for a full character for the first time and how to get stuff done in a short amount of time ( I had to cut a lot of corners :sweat_smile:) Even if I wanted to approach things a bit differently, I still am happy I finished her and can post her now!

I hope you enjoy!
Faces: 92k
Rendered in Blender’s Eevee
Zbrush sculpt, retopo, modeling and cleanup in Blender
Textured in Substance Painter


Hello, everyone, this is my final submission for the contest.
I reimagined a cyberpunk version of Aladdin inspired by the style of Cyberpunk 2077.
it was a wonderful experience from which I learned a lot because it’s the first time I’ve ever created a real-time game character with certain restrictions.

Here is my work in progress thread

• Sculpting in Zbrush
• Hard surface modeling in Zbrush and Modo
• Retopology in 3DCoat and Modo
• UV in Modo
• Texturing in Substance Painter
• Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag

You can check it out on ArtStation too along with some of my projects.
Thank you and good luck to everyone.

Final shot and storyline

Final shot alone

Marmoset online viewer

Sketchfab online viewer

Front, side, back views

Front, side, back views + wireframes

1 x 4K map set

Texture overview

Additional shots

The process of creating Cyberpunk Aladdin


It looks amazing and luck!

I think you also need to render in either marmoset toolbag, unreal engine or unity

Here’s my final Render’s for this challenge! I reimagined Dracula in a vaporwave aesthetic. Putting this together required heavy research on fashion design and color theory to come up with an idea I felt would best fit the theme I was going for. In the end I’m super happy with how he came out!


2 4K maps

Heres a link to my WIP thread: Fairy Tale Challenge - Vaporwave Dracula

And heres a link to an Artstation post where I have a Marmoset Viewer of the scene and some additional renders! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/J90wWZ

The high poly for this was done in Zbrush, retopology and uv’s done in Maya, textures done in substance painter, and he had his final renders through toolbag! The scene is roughly 63k tri’s, I personally wanted to go lower rather then try to hit the full 100k.

This was an incredibly enjoyable and fun challenge, thanks for the opportunity!


Here is my final render for my version of a younger Baba Yaga. I’m not totally satisfied with the final render, but I still think that I was able to progress on some parts during this challenge :smile:
The work in progress can be found here
There was a lot of incredible characters from everyone and I’m really looking forward to all the submissions !

High Poly : Zbrush
Retopology : Maya
Rig : Maya
Textures : Substance Painter
Render : Unreal Engine

Tris Count :
Character : 42 142
Cauldron : 4 832
Staff : 6 348

Final shot :

Front, side and back views :

Body Wireframe :

Face Wireframe :

Rig :

UV1 :

UV2 :


Lil’ Red - Cyberpunk Little Red Riding Hood

Wow. What a blast this was. I had so much fun with this character. I love the cyberpunk art style and really wanted to utilize that with this character. There was so much thought and detail that went into making this character. Even her tattoos reflect the story with the flowers, the big bad wolf, the axes from the woodcutter in the forest that saves her from the wolf, her shirt graphic GMA (short for Grandmother) lives. I just had so much fun!

Tri-count: 64,372



Marmoset Renders:

High Poly:



Hi everyone! This is my final submission for the fairy tale contest. I had a blast creating this character, it was something I had never done before!

For the contest I reimagined a scarier version of Maleficent. In the sleeping beauty fairy tale, she is always described as a witch or an old lady. I wanted to change that concept a bit. I decided to try creating a version of Maleficent that is more demon-like. I wanted her to look dark and scary. So, I searched up a lot of references of creatures and monsters to try and replicate it on her body. I also added a lot of details to give more depth to the skin. Hope you guys like the final result! :grin:

And thank you for everyone that supported me. It has been really an honor seeing everyone’s projects grow and evolve into something great!

  • Sculpting in Zbrush
  • Cloth in Marvelous Designer
  • UV and Retopo in Maya
  • Texturing in Substance Painter
  • Final rendering in Unreal Engine
  • Triangles : 67k
  • Two 4K map sets

Here’s a link to my wip if you want to see my progress : Evil Creature Maleficient - WIP. I will post my final entry on ArtStation soon if you you want to check it out more : https://www.artstation.com/chantalprentice











This is my reimagining of the Genie from Aladdin/Arabian Nights.

Set in London rather than Agrabah, the Kingdom is in peril from the gentleman Lord Gafar who using a mystical gem has forced the engineer Al Ladeen to construct a Wish Granting Genie, to marry Queen Victoria and become the most powerful man in the world!

Final Render:

Additional Renders:

Polygon Count



Front/Back Wireframe

Side/Lamp Wireframe

4K Texture 1

4K Texture 2

This has been perfect for me to renew some skills and learn I am not as good as I thought and have a great deal to improve on. Especially UVing and general topology.

I juggled the project between ZBrush, 3DsMax and Substance Painter amd rendered images in Unreal. And god I love Unreal. Kinda want to animate my Genie next just for fun.

I will be uploading to my Artstation soon if anyone wants to check me out there.

And here is my WIP.

Loved the Contest and Good Luck to everyone. Can’t wait to see more of peoples ideas.


Modern world Sleeping Beauty

Finally finished. This princess has an awful, but very much real curse.

First I sculpted her in Zbrush, then retopologized and modeled few details in Blender. Also added hair cards which I prepared in Maya Xgen. Textures were done in Substance Painter and then imported back to Blender. I rigged her using Blender Rigify addon. And at last rendered in Eevee. Only 47,832 tris.

Front, side, back views:

Textures with wireframe and wireframe alone:

Here are some additional shots:

2x4K texture sets:

And the final shot without the text:

Also here is my progress thread
and the project on my artstation
Hope you like her!


"Snatchy the 8th Dwarf" / The Gnome Thief

Hello everyone. Excited to share the final version of this character!
Really enjoyed working on this character since there were a lot of cool aspects and details that required different approaches - something I enjoy very much!

The idea of the character I wanted to create was based on mixing the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - An unknown 8th dwarf named “Snatchy”, who steals every shiny thing he lays eyes on.

The illustration that I based the character on was made by Filipe Pagliuso, who very kindly agreed to let me adapt his illustration into 3D!

Here are some technical aspects about the character:

  • 99,775 total triangles.
  • 2 * 4096x4096 Texture Sets.

Software I used in the making of this character was ZBrush, Maya, Blender, xNormal, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Marmoset Toolbag.

Work in progress thread can be found in the hyperlink below.
WIP Thread

All images are rendered in Marmoset with no post-render editing done.

Final Shot

Front, Side and Back Views


Texture Overview

Additional Shots

Marmoset Viewer

Idle Animation


Thank you for taking a look!

Also, thanks to everyone who engaged in my thread, and to FlippedNormals for hosting the challenge!

Best of luck to everyone!


Here’s my final !

Slight cyberpunk twist on the Sanbi Kitsune. I spent this challenge focusing on improving my anatomy and trying out some new ways of doing things. Bit of a bumpy road, but always love the learning curve !

ZBrush for sculpting, Blender for retopology (and auto unwrap- which is kinda gross aha) and rendering, Substance Painter for texturing.

I’m quite new to rendering, substance and blender for these things, any CC, advice or tips are warmly welcomed !

One texture set for the entire scene. I understand my texture quality would of vastly improved if I unwrapped and retopped efficiently - still learning how to do that in Blender !

Entire scene 75k Poly Count. Rendered in EEvee.

Online 3D View available on Sketchfab here https://skfb.ly/onQu8


Hello everyone. Wow, i finished! (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) My Alice in Futuristic Wonderland.

Wonderful competition! I learned a lot of interesting techniques and got a new experience while working on this project. Thanks for watching and good luck to everyone! (─‿‿─):heart:



Modern Day Girl Dracula (Dede)

Phew! Made it to the end haha!

I’m really happy with how she turned out, despite being one of the more simple characters up here. I’m so glad I found this competition because it definitely pushed me to try things I wouldn’t usually. I learned ZBrush during lockdown after pretty much exclusively using Maya, so it’s amazing to see my progress!

Anyway, onto the girl herself:

Final Shot





Other stuff

Sculpted in Zbrush
Additional details in Maya
Retopology in Topogun
Texturing in Substance Painter
Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4
72080 tris

I’m kind of obsessed with her? Definitely have things I would change if I were to do it again, but I think one thing I’m proud of is letting her personality shine through.
While I was working on her I ended up nicknaming her Dede, because I figured she’d want to give herself a modern name after waking up in the 21st century!

Thank you for the really fun brief, and best of luck to everyone! I’m off to go update my WIP thread after neglecting it for a few weeks :grimacing:


I hope the judges will take my part in the competition, because my time zone has not yet finished the deadline and I did not think that it might be over, I really want to share the result of my work!
Tris = 30 180
Two 4K map sets
It was interesting to take part in this challenge from coming up with the character image to learning new techniques. This is my second experience in creating low poly models and creating textures and i really enjoyed all the process. In this work I tried to learn how to make high quality low poly hair. I tried to make textures that are more varied in color scheme and at the same time do not go out of the general style of the color scheme of the work. I wanted to make Dracula in the future, who have already lost part of their body because of which it was replaced with metal parts, but at the same time did not lose their vampire charm. I love the cultural image of Dracula in different ways, so I wanted to create a dark character but romantic at the same time.

My artstation https://www.artstation.com/kain_gretxen
Progress Dracula's future


Here’s my final submission. Let me introduce you to the Way-Too-Heavy-Polycount-Peter-Pan (yeah that’s his new name since yesterday, when I just discovered that I were always wrong about polygons…). Sad truth, sad moment…

Yep, that’s true, I thought poly/tri-count was the number of FACES I had on my character… but sadly I just learned that it wasn’t… :upside_down_face:. Like I said in my thread (Fairy Tales Reimagined - Peter Pan Teenager), this is my first character from start to finish and I learned everything myself. I thought about every mistake I could have make and I made the simplest one… Nevermind, I will never forget what poly/tri count means. I promise :skull:

So I thought about throwing my brain on my computer and not posting my work then I told myself that it would be to bad not to show my work even if it doesn’t fit with the rules of the challenge.

So here is my Teenager Bad’ass Peter Pan. Hope you’ll like it.

Like I said earlier, this is almost the first time I’m making a character from start to finish. I mean concept, sculpting, retopology and everything, so in spite of this big fundamental mistake, I’m happy I did it. I learned so much stuff. Thanks a lot Flipped Normals pushing me to do my best (almost).

You can check the whole process in my thread : Fairy Tales Reimagined - Peter Pan Teenager

Project on Sketchfab : https://skfb.ly/onR6C

Instagram : @adrien_requin
Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/adrienrequin

Sculpting : ZBrush
Retopology/ Modelling : Maya & Blender
Textures : Substance Painter
Render : Blender Eevee
And some grading with Photoshop

Polycount… 156.398 :sweat:

Front, side and back views :

Wireframes :


Extra shots :