Alice in futuristic Wonderland

Hi everybody! Well, there’s my work for the competition and it’s an Alice in Wonderland from mid of 21st century. Here’s my rough concept art, which I’ll try to stick to, and some reference images.
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Note: If you knew how hard it’s for me to write WIP… Because I’m not a writer at all (*ノωノ)
For sculpting I’m using Zbrush and Blender.
I’m start from creating a concept and collecting references, you can see them below.
From primitives I create a basic shapes for head and body, mostly extruding vertices and edges.
Shoes and outfit also extruded and subdivided, at this step I’m start adding more polys and details.
At some point, I decided to split a haircut into separate mesh.
Made an eyes, brows and lashes…

I am pleased with the current result at this stage. Next step — simple modeling a nekomimi headphones, donut and caterpillar tank in Blender.

Nothing really advanced, just a routine work with primitives, modifiers and poly modeling

The caterpillar itself I’m sculpt in Zbrush.

Hmmmm… Badly and boring…? (눈_눈)

Yes, so alright! (>﹏<)

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For retopology I’m mostly using 3D Coat. It’s routine and tedious work, but my model have a low detail resolution, so put it under 100,000 tris-count requirement is not so difficult. (⇀‸↼‶)

After final optimization the whole character mesh is consisted from ~64000 tris (accessories was low-poly from the beginning). At this stage I’m prepared model for baking in Marmoset Toolbag. The rules say that only two map sets allowed, so I separate my UV’s for the Alice and all other things to the individual sets.

Before texturing I’m rigging my character with ZSpheres and Transpose Master in ZBrush. After setting the pose I make some little adjustments with Move Topology brush.

Now I switch to Substance Painter. I’m creating a smart materials using layers and filters, keeping extra details at textures and spending some time for tuning subsurface scattering of skin material. Eyes taken from the free source, I’m only changed color.
Glass tank for the caterpillar I make in Marmoset Toolbag via additive transparency material.

Realtime rendering
Tadaam, I’m almost at the homestretch! Found an appropriate background, set the light and GI, added all maps and materials, customized render settings and voila, my work is over. Phew, that was rough ride! I learned a lot of interesting techniques and got a new experience while working on this project. Thanks for watching and rating! (─‿‿─):heart: