Cyberpunk Aladdin

UV, retopo and pose done … next step texturing :wink:

Detailing Aladdin … Looking

for your critics :slight_smile:

Start woking on Aladdin details:

Little update: Aladdin blockout rev2:

Hi everyone, i really like the topic of the contest so i decided to give it a try.
I am not a concept artist but i was excited to find an idea wich could be cool for me and trying to devolop it. Surfing Pinterest i found some nice image and i started to image a cyberpunk Aladdin then i draw it the best way i could. I’am pretty happy with the result so far and i think this is a good starting point. Thank you in advance for your critics and comment and good luck to all with the contest.


First update: Aladdin blockout :slight_smile:

And this is the blockout for Abu

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