Fairy Tale Challenge: Red Riding Hood "Wolf Huntress"

Hello!! I’m Marco Salgado and this is my first WIP entry for the Fairy Tale Reimagined Challenge

I’m working on an older version of Red Riding Hood. After being unable to save her grandmother by herself and seeing how easily she was deceived, she took it as her life goal to protect girls like her, and anyone else for that matter, from becoming the unsuspecting prey of wolves like the one who tricked her and nearly ate her, and has lived her adult life hunting every evil wolf she finds.

I’m very excited to participate and appreciate the feedback from the community :smiley:


cant have red riding hood without a hood can we?
no matter what style or fashion shes belonging to

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Update! Here’s a test render, all of this is just vertex paint to make sure the concept works as I continue the process.

I added one important detail to see how it fits. Since she’s a wolf huntress, she keeps trophies with her when the hunt is important, and those trophies are the tails of the wolves she manages to catch!


UPDATE! I’ve been working on her hair for a few days now. This is the first time I make Game ready hair so I really hope it looks good by the end haha

So far I like where I’m headed. I’ll be waiting for your feedback :smiley:

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Hey Marco, you’re progressing nicely! Just judging from the last few images, I’d recommend you to pump up the contrast and saturation once you decide to fully commit to some colours. I feel that the current colours have about the same value which makes Red Riding Hood look a bit flat. I’d also give her vest, the zipper and pockets a bit more thickness. From my experience chunky shapes will bake better and provide you with nicer, cleaner normal maps. Keep it up, looking forward to see how she’ll look in the end!


I really enjoyed this character! I can’t advise anything cause I am a beginner :sweat_smile: Good luck with your hair work. I really want to see the result!

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Thank you! :smiley: I’ll make sure to follow your advice, specially when it comes to color, I do feel like she’s kinda flat on that regard.

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Thanks! I’m glad you like it :smiley:

I’m almost ready!! The textures for the body are complete, I had some problems with the normal maps, specially for the details on the face but managed to get the result I wanted. I’m also preparing the shape keys for the face’s final render pose. I’ve learned a lot with this project and I’m super excited to see it completed

I still have to finish optimizing some textures to fulfill all the requirements for the final piece, but in the next couple of weeks it should be ready for the final submission!!

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IT’S DONE!!! Check out my final artwork on the Final Submissions thread!! thank you to everyone who showed support for muy work, may God bless you, and this project. Have a beautiful month of April and let’s see what happens in May