CyberPunk Red Riding Hood

2021-03-19 first video uploaded

version final 2021-03-16
had to do alot of rendering on this one since i have a whole turn around ready
at this moment i am making the final submission post and by the time you will probably read this update it should be posted in the final submissions

version 6 2021-03-14

so on this day i did alot of things i finished her cyber leg
i improved her face
i added fishnet
improved her hair, skulpted and modelled the wolf
i even posed her
now here are some screenshots thank goodness i recorded this



and then i suffered so much in marvelous trying to bake this animation that i simply gave up for the rest of the day

but i think i was able to work this long on this cause i was streaming that day
so i invite you to watch my streams and chat a little or alot
its much more fun than working alone
here is a link

version 5 2021-03-12

so i did this over the last few days but i forgot to share it
so here is the updates
i finished the outfit in marvelous

eevee render
cycles render
i also modified her face quite alot since she was too manly
now she looks more like a nice 1920’s lady

version 4 2021-03-09

so today i finished up the skulpt and did some retypo ps i stole hands and ears from another model of mine cause i aint dealing with that today
so anyways after doing fantastic retypo i moved on to marvelous and started making the outfit and ugh yea this hood jacket thing doesnt work in the real world, or atleast in simulated 3d world, so ill try to use cheat codes etc to get that wide hood look cause i think its awesome and if anyone can help me to get the sleves and the hood to look right that would be much aprecieted

so here are the pics of the nice retypo ps i even rigged it but theres no time to pose
i also had to push up her boobs to get that nice corsetry that i want her shirt to have



version 3 2021-03-8

sculpting stage

so i took a little break from arts and studied turns out my art quality has been dropping cause i forgot to use reference YIKES guys don’t underestimate the importance of reference
anyways todays progress has been a tiny bit of face sculpting and learning how to make a nice delicate female abs

version 2 2021-03-6

concept art stage

so i finally got a design that i like i even got some nice color scemes, but only 1 worked best wich is all red with different materials im sure it will look fantastic in 3d
now next step is to design her hand bad and wolf pet and start modelling
ive already started skulpting some of the face im even recording it for a speedpaint in the future
sry i didn’t record the concepting process but its not so fun to watch anyways, so this first image you see is the final design, keep in might i might alter it to be better in 3d etc, this is just a concept

and here are all the failures i did

version 1 2021-03-5 concept art stage

hi im gloria, i really love the theme of this challange, so im gonna combine the things i love to make one awesome thing, cyberpunk red riding hood with a few victorian elements and goth, im still working out the concept art, i gave myself 30minutes to draw each one of them, and i still want to design a cybernetic wolf and give her a cool handbag, i think giving her one cyborg leg would be really cool.
im starting to find things i like in this design and i think ill have the final outfit design done by tomorow


Ayy another futuristic red riding hood! Concepting this was easier in my head then on paper, but its been a fun experiment :o look forward to seeing how yours turns out :slight_smile:

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I’m like struggling so much with concepting her, i even had thoughts earlier maybe this idea isn’t gonna work, but i browsed a bit of Pinterest the ultimate site for concepting inspiration, and i found the perfect reference, so now my outfit concept is perfect
and yes concept art is always easier in your head than on paper
on paper you need detail
and in your head you just need keywords lol

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updated post

updated once again :smiley:

updated once again :smiley:
btw im recording all this and so far i spent 9 hours

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God damn MD makes some nice results!

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thank you it was a bit hard to figure out the jacket thing but i have decent experience with md so it worked out well
im glad you like it :smiley:
and its only at around 50k
i still got +50k polygons to spend

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Do you not plan to retopo/bake for a lower result or just want a standee for this project? :o!

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i used the auto retypo it should be enough actualy retypoing this would be too much work that i am not willing to put in
and its only like 30k the whole outfit
its not like you get extra points for optimizing

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NEW UPDATE :smiley:
hope you like this one it was fun to stream this on twitch

I. LOVE. That. Dog. The face is also really doll like which is very 1920’s looking! You’ve done so much in a short space of time, great job! :slight_smile:

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thank you very much :smiley:
i will be posting it in the final submissions today :3
i also have 24 hours of footage that i will cut up into tutorials that are just time-lapse voice overs im currently doing that
i am a huge fan of 1900-1955’s so i tried to incorporate some things from those decades to give it more appeal
like her haircut and her face is closely based on an actress that was popular in 20’s but i didn’t find out her name

i thought that adding a robot wolf as her pet would be cool
cause in the original story the wolf acts like a villian
but now she like dominated him cause now he is just a pet you know?
i think its a cool turn out


I watched the video. Very good !!

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thank you im glad you liked it