Fairy Tales Reimagined - Peter Pan Teenager

Hi, for this challenge I decided to work on a more “mature” version of Peter Pan where he finaly growned up to a teenager.

My 2D concept is not pretty good but it helped find this whole teenager/ Bad guy style and tone. I jumped into sculpting right after to find better shapes. It’s the very first time I do that whole process.

The story behind the Peter Pan’s shadow made me want to try something maybe with some decals at the last step into Unreal Engine. We’ll see. We could even imagine some gameplay with it. I don’t know.

I’ll add updates everyday I work on it. Give me criticisms, let me know what you think about it and good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Didn’t made really huge changes today, I found that it’s hard for me sculpt and think about the design in the same time. Plus my character seems to be pretty simple… and that’s not a bad thing, I think, but yeah no armor or creazy stuff. I need to think about refining all the little details and focus on the emotions of that Peter Pan.

Today I mainly focused on legs, added some life to the pant, also refined the silhouette. I’m thinking about adding some more accessories to give more background to the character.

I love working on this character, I’m just pretty slow here :sweat_smile:

Let’s sleep on it and see what kind of twist I could do with this Bad Boy Teenager Peter Pan :smiling_imp:

Also, next time I should post my references/ inspirations.

Here are my inspirations and references. I was a lot inspired by the vision I had of teenagers when I was a kid :sweat_smile: so I wanted my Peter Pan to live in a world and a general ambience similar to what we can see in The Covenant with this kind of general rock’n’roll and dark overall aspect. The Jesus Of Surburbia’s character from Green Day’s clip was a good starting point too.

When I thought about his face and his mentality I instantly thought about the Outsider from Dishonored who was this kind of character that could come out from his world and appear wherever he want in the humans’s world. I see Peter Pan as a semi-god that’s in between reality and another world.

Then for the silhouette I wanted something pretty cartoon, thin legs, cartoonish face that made me think about Gorillaz’s drawings and a little bit of angry/sadistic face from Bleach that tells us that this Peter Pan is a spooky and turbulent teenager.

This challenge is interesting for me because it forces me to see where my ideas are coming from and maybe what is my style (for now, 'cause I’m pretty new to character design and I know that at my current level things change pretty fast). So yeah, cool :grin:


Little update about some accessories I made for Mr. Pan.

In this new branch of the story (Peter Pan : Shippuden :100:) Peter Pan would have stolen Captain’s hook and made hiself a weapon. Though the shape is pretty cool and add some interesting curves to the overall silhouette. Also I had a lot of fun sculpting this famous crocodile as a sword hilt (is this the word?..).

Into the film, we can see that Captain Hook have a lot of diferent hooks with diferent shapes, we could imagine some gameplay where we have to find some of them to improve our weapon or to use it as a tool… This one feels like Bloodborne’s saw cleaver :innocent: :heart_eyes:

I tried to implement the alarm clock too… I’m not sure about that… I’ll see later on what I decide to keep or delete.


Here’s one more update from my Peter Pan Teenager project. I replaced that previous ugly T-shirt by a pull-over and started adding some details to the perfecto. I’m gonna jump to polish and details now. Maybe I’ll try to find some better way to hold his weapon to the belt too.

I thought about adding some colours to the perfecto to create some kind of a link with the Neverland and native american background but, for cultural puropose and aesthetic too, I’m not sure… I keep both versions and will see later.

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Hi everyone. I slowly started adding more details to everything. On the hook and the belt. Plus, I modeled the shoes and I’m wondering wich colours I should pick… I think the brown version is the better one but I’m not sure. Would be pretty cool if someone could help me with this dilemma :sweat_smile:


Today, I found a… pretty simple way to hold the hook. First, I wanted to do something more conventional then I thought that this version of Peter Pan could have more steel pieces and could have use simple way of holding his weapon… like carabiners :sweat_smile:

I think it’s in tune with his overoll rock’n’roll style.


I’ve started adjusting the face a little bit, closing his mouth and adding some colours. Right now I’m hesitating about the color of the eyes. Black eyes would make him more badass and guive him this “dark elf” style I was looking for with the Outsider from Dishonored reference but red eyes would make him more “kinky”/ endearing.

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I’m trying to add more complexity to the hair with the IMM BlackDiamond Brush I purchased on Flipped Normals. Asking myself what should I do with the eyebrows. I figured out that I’m kind of doing an Overwatch’s style here.

I think I found what I was looking for with this character. Everything’s not perfect at all, but I’m happy.

It was so hard to think about the design and sculpt in the same time (so much easier to sculpt from a concept).

The design’s almost done. I’m gonna jump into the technical part after detailing and polishing everything.


Hi there,

Among other things I fixed the hands today. I thought about putting some mitten on it, I made it but I think simple bare hands work better.


Here are some ref I used later on. Dan Dehaan was one of the first that inspired me for my first 2d concept, I used it later on when I decided to put those green eyes and angry face to my Peter Pan.

In therms of visual aspect, Guzz Soares is a big inspiration for me, in general, I think this guy found a well balanced design with caricatural shapes but real details on skin, hair and materials.

This is (almost) the first time I’m making a character from start to finish so I try to do it properly. I only experimented skin detailing once but I enjoyed it a lot so I’m right back at it.


wow i really love how you nailed damon albarns aesthetic
but are you sure you want to make the skin so realistic with wrinkles etc.?
isn’t that gonna be uncanny?

Do you think it’s already uncanny? haha

Yeah I’m pretty sur about it because I know that I don’t want him to be realistic, it’s a caricature right and those wrinkles and details are just kind of “materials”, uncanny would come if I have wanted to make my overall shape realistic (proportions, details, etc… and again, that’s what I think, I’ll see the result in the end and maybe you’re right haha).

I’m far from being as good as they are, but look at Guzz Soares’s work (https://www.artstation.com/guzz), or Crystal Bretz (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ba9Rqv), or work from Illumination Mac Guff for Despicable me (https://www.illuminationmacguff.com/?lang=fr), and others… They all do caricature but with a touch of realism on materials and skin :nerd_face:

By the way, the artist who made the drawings for Gorillaz is not Damon Albarn himself, his name is Jamie Hewlett. I’ve always been inspired by his work since I draw characters.

Thanks for your feedback Gloria :fist:

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Here’s my HP. I just need to fix some issues related to my polycount and undo history (f’you know what I mean… :roll_eyes:) add a little bit more details to the pant and accessories and I’m good to go right to retopology Maaaaaaaaamen. Can’t wait to work on colors and texture for this character.

I’m not pretty satisfied with the bottom part of the pullover I will see what I can do with it.


He looks like he had hard times) Good idea!

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Yes he had a burnout after realizing that Neverland never existed o.O
Thanks Gibbon :nerd_face:

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Here’s my final HP (for now), I jumped in retopology yesterday. I’ll share some sneak pics when I’ll be a litle more advanced.

Hope I’ll make everything work :crossed_fingers:

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Hi everyone. I almost finished my retopology.
Oh Yeah, just one thing : I spend soooo much time on the retopology of the hair, I’ll be carefull with hair in my future projects :scream:
In regards of what I did, I aim for a 80k polycount with the hook and everything. Goes high pretty fast :sweat_smile:

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Finally I can post a little something here :fist:. I finally finished the retopology of dear Mr. Pan and baked it into Substance. Can’t wait to start adding some colours and finally bring this character to life. Also, I’ll have some tweaks to do with some mesh that are overlapping on each other. And I have a little problem with ears haha… Gonna fix it.

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Almost done with the textures. I need to fix this strabismus once I’m back into blender.

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