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Final Submission

  • 1 final image of your environment - 1,920px+ on the longest edge.
  • (Optional) Work in progress images to show your journey from start to finish

We’re really excited to see what you come up with for your final entry :smiley:
Good luck!


This is my final submission for the Flipped Normals Warlock Challenge - Real Time Game Character

I wanted to do a Viking period inspired Loki, while fitting him in within the setting, but standing out as a god. I imagined this is the form he would take when interacting with humans. The tattoos that Loki has on his body all have different meanings, along with different stories from his lore - some from his past and other from his future.

This final mesh is 81K tris, with 2, 4K UV spaces as tasked within the brief.

This is with an emissive map on the tattoos and eyes for whenever he conducts any magic.



Here are some of the more important maps for the character:



To follow my WIP thread, please follow this link: [Warlock Challenge] - [Loki]

You’ll be able to see my thoughts and processes that I went through when creating this piece, along with different variations that I decided didn’t do the character justice (Although it would be cool to work on them in the future).

To finalize, I just wanna thank the guys at Flipped Normals for putting on the challenge, and the members of group that gave me some feedback. I’ve really enjoyed participating in the challenge and I look forward to seeing everyone’s final submissions


Congrats on finishing this! Looks so freaking awesome dude

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Some time has passed since the mother had escaped. She already gave birth. But the Mercenary found her. It was a terrible and cruel fight, she was slaughtered. There was an instance when it seemed that the child had been saved. But the Warlock arrives, leader of the cult. The poor child is now in the hands of a secret cult. I guess the legends were true. So, this story has come to a sad end - the end for these people’s nations and whole civilization.

This deceiver is at the forefront of wealth and power in a world of darkness. It’s said his tormented spirit is passed on from Old Norse times and that of great energy. In those times they were better recognized as ‘vardlokkur’, wise men of divine knowledge and great wisdom. His place in the world was to ward off evil spirits, bind them and lock them away. They are deranged and many weak souls are persuaded by the darkest of spirits, turning them into demonic characters who can no longer control their actions for good and bad.

I had so much fun creating this guy! Im happy to finish early because I am currently studying full time and have so much work! Thankyou Flippednormals for this challenge!
To check out my progress: [Warlock Challenge – King's Advisor]


Thanks to Flipped Normals for the super fun challenge! Had a blast working on this character and picked up a few things in the process and really enjoyed the technical limitations set in place with the whole challenge. You can check out my thread here

Hope you like!

Here are the wireframes and texture breakdown. Sorry that it’s all tris and not the easiest to read. If needed I can look at digging out the non-trianguated version at some point.

Not sure if it’s possible to get the marmoset viewer posted here but I have it on artstation here if anyone’s interested (I’m totally not fishing for likes there or anything :stuck_out_tongue:)


Firstly i want to thanks flippednormals for this wonderful opportunity.
i learn new things and face many problems during this process. i hope you all like this character.

final render

texture maps


Here is my entry for the Warlock challenge. “Fernis – The regretful”

Despite the overall dark theme generally associated with the warlock class, I imagined my entry a bit softer. I imagined him as a boss with a tragic backstory in a cute souls-like game.

Fernis is originally an aging mage, longing for the strength of his younger self. Chenor, the wish granting demon, comes to him in the shape of an owl and tricks him into gaining the much desired strength but it comes at the price of misshaping his body and a constant bloodlust. Fernis manages to bind his newfound set of arms with magically-bound cuffs that must be constantly held by his staff. This constant draining of energy left Fernis humbled and kind yet dangerous due to the possibility of snapping at any moment.

The project has 71,870 tris (93,068 with support and effects). Thank you, FlippedNormals for the awesome challenge. I had a lot of fun and added a few new things to my workflow.

I’ve seen a lot of great entries. Kudos to all and hope everyone is well and safe.


Link to the WIP thread: [Warlock Challenge – Fernis - the regretful]

Pose during daytime

Pose during nighttime

Various views

Front view + side view (wireframe)
Back view + side view (wireframe)
Front view + side view (rendered in marmoset
Back view + side view (rendered in marmoset)

Texture set 1 (4k)

Texture set 2 (4k)


Here is my participation in the Warlock Challenge - Real-Time Game Character, it was really fun and I can’t wait to see everyone’s entries

My WIP thread here

My Artstation post here

My character is an oni born in isolated mountains. Unfortunalty, he was smaller and thinner than his congeners. To survive, he had no choice but to form pacts with more powerful yokai. This allowed him to become strong enough to stand up to the other onis and to form his own clan.

Final shot

Front and back


Warlock : 62 751 triangles
Pedestral : 420 triangles



First, thank you Flipped Normals for doing this challenge!!! I had so much fun working on my character while learning new things about art and about myself surprisingly. I hope to see everyone’s submissions.

Normal Lighting Setup

4K Texture Maps

This is the marmoset view https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L2APaw

Nal was created by a secret scientific cult that spliced the DNA of a demon and combined it with a witch to help push humanity into the apocalypse.


Hello Everyone !
Here is my final submission for the Flipped Normals Warlock Challenge - Real Time Character

Character Name: Ekira
Patron Name: Elder Gods
Character Tri-Count: 57,650
Rocks Tri-Count: 12016 not countable
Texture Resolution: 4k for both maps

Phew ! Finally done with this model. Thanks to the team of Flipped Normals for putting up this challenge. Met some amazing people here. This challenge definitely made my quarantine time pass smoothly. Thanks to Flipped Normals again. Cheers :slight_smile:


Here it is, my final submission

Character: Trod The Guardian

He is a innocent minded warlock who does not answer to anyone except the forces of nature. Keeping balance with his powers of light and dark he keeps both sides in check when nature calls for it.

Trodd: verts: 20865, edges: 41631, polys: 20815
Staff: verts: 6629, edges: 13229, polys: 6606
Ground: verts: 4 edges: 4, polys 1

Total polys 27422

Working in progress can be seen here: [Warlock challenge] - [Trod The Guardian]

I used the following tools:

  • Zbrush
  • Substance Painter
  • Blender
  • Unreal Engine (for in game rendering screen shots)

Wireframe shots:

4K Texures used:


Here is my final submission for the Warlock challenge - Real time game character.
I had a lot of fun and learned so much while creating and developing this character.
Now I am excited to present my warlock - Atlas!

You can see my artstation post with a marmoset viewer here
You can see my WIP thread here [Warlock Challenge] – [Atlas]

Final Render

Front and Back view



4k Texture Maps

Thank you FlippedNormals for this amazing challenge, can’t wait to see everyone’s final entries!


Here’s my final submission for the Real Time Warlock Challenge!
“The Beast”
This concept was made by Alvaro Cardozo and I was lucky enough to get permission to use his work for this challenge. I had a lot of fun creating this character and it was an awesome learning experience! Hope to participate in more FlippedNormals challenges soon!
Link to marmoset viewer: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/58AWZg
Link to original concept: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4YZe2
Link to progress thread: [Warlock Challenge] - [The Beast]
Hope you guys like it!
Final polycount is 38k quads, uses 2 4K texture sets.

UV Set 1:
UV Set 2:


Looks good! I like the arm especially.

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So here’s my final submission for the Flipped Normals Warlock Challenge - Real Time Game Character.

Sometimes, when parents are having a hard time making their children behave, they’ll tell them that old Azubah will come at night and drag to them to the forest to be put in his stew.
Once respected and well liked wizard amongst the common folks, Azubah took a liking in the occult, slowly distancing himself from people, ultimately going mad in his search for knowledge. These days he wanders the wastelands, haunted by the very spirits he managed to summon from the abyss. Every now and then a misfortunate traveler will stumble into him, only to be sacrificed against their will to the bloodthirsty gods whose names everyone but Azubah has forgotten.

Here is a link to the WIP thread [Warlock Challenge] – [Azubah]
Warlock is 44869 polys / 89604 tris
Ground is 208 polys
Maps shown below contain Albedo, normal, roughness, metalness and emissive.
Images rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3


This is my final submission for the Flipped Normals Warlock Challenge - Real Time Game Character

I wanted to do a warrior inspired Warlock. Once he was a Knight in the shining armor. But he was betrayed by the people whom he was protecting. At the verge of losing his life he offers his soul to the Devil in order to seek vengeance. His armor and his weapons got infused with his body and now he is the lord of the dark woods

This final mesh is 34K tris, with 2, 4K UV spaces as tasked within the brief.


Here are the maps i used for the character:

Map 1:



Composite Shot

To follow my WIP thread, please follow this link:
WarLock_Real Time (Warrior WarLock )

To see the character in Marmost toolbag click the link below

To see the entry in Art station click the link below

To see the character in Sketchfab click the link below

Warrior_Warlock by ivinjob on Sketchfab

To finalize, I just wanna thank the guys at Flipped Normals for putting on the challenge, and the members of group that gave me some feedback. I’ve really enjoyed participating in the challenge and I look forward to seeing everyone’s final submissions


@Bharat Your character Looks super cool bro. For a better Experience why don’t you give the marmoset link with the final submission. it will be cool to see the character in 3D space :slight_smile:

Hi! This is my first time entering a FlippedNormals Challenge and I’m super excited.

Below is my entry: Ekim the Forest Guardian. The model caps out at 94,887 tris with two 4K UV Spaces. It was initially sculpted in Zbrush, Retopologized and finished in Maya, and ultimately rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

With having been cooped up at home for the majority of this challenge, I looked to nature for inspiration, much of which I got on my daily morning walks. Ekim, as a result, is meant to be a protector of the forest, a guardian with hidden magic abilities. He is built for battle and will fight if the forest is at stake.

Inspired by wood, orchid flowers, and butterflies, I played a lot with patterning and underlying colors in the textures of some of the armor. While creating this character, I envisioned him to be a guardian of the local woodlands near where I live in the Southern US, therefore while there are many variations of green and brown for trees and leaves, the vibrant color of the flower pattern and gold trim hint that this guardian has some royalty or flare to him. Some of the inspirations I looked into early on was military garb, therefore he has the aura of an old general with the shoulder pads and high collar.

Despite there being a lot of different beautiful flowers on my walks, the biggest challenge was color, and I went through various iterations before I had to step away from the texture for a few days and wind down. That was where inspiration struck, for when I sat down to watch a movie with a drink in my hand, I happened to set the drink down next to the window and look at how the light was playing with the color. This is also a reason why Ekim is named the way he is - because his color palette was inspired by Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade and the bushes outside my house XD (you can see the picture I took of that moment in the Inspiration picture).

One thing I wanted to play around with was the idea of age and the body. In nature, age is often reflected in trees in the form of tree rings or crevices. They keep their battle scars and often grow around them. I wanted to capture that idea in areas like Ekim’s face, which shows many battle scars and age while simultaneously not losing the human-likeness of some of his features. He is meant to be seen as wise because of what he has lived through, his eyes showing two sides of the same creature that has lived in these woods for centuries.

I separated my UVs out by what would be baked from the High Res Zbrush Sculpt and what I would model in Maya and enhance in Substance Painter. As a result, I was able to play around a bit with some areas like the petal skirt and cape more because of how much detail I had given the UV of that piece of the model. Likewise, I had the poly budget to play with leaf cards, so I took the liberty of adding that to the second UV set so that it would not impede with the bake of the first.

All in all, this challenge was extremely fun to do and let me stretch my legs in an area I’d been wanting to sink my teeth in to. I’ve included Ekim in my Sketchfab so that anyone that is interested can see him up close and personal.

Thanks again, FlippedNormals!

Link to WIP: [Warlock Challenge] – Ekim: Guardian of the Forest


FINAL SUBMISSION: Donelle The Junior Dark Ark Student

Category: Real Time Engine Character

Design: Original
Polycount: 31,342 tris
Engine: Eevee

Character Idea:
Far into the future, the universe is a whole. Every cultures and every species live together in peace. Dalaran - the great institute of magic research, a historical fortress that defended Azeroth for countless of time - is now a univesity opened to all. It’s been only a few years since Dalaran University reopened its magic school curriculums to the general public, and our little hero Donelle, inspired by her archeologist mother, decided to enroll in the Dark Art School. “Because why not?” she said. “I like the sound of it. Now all my friends are going to know that I a witch. I always wanted to be a witch.” However, little does she know that her arch nemesis is only yet to come. What lurks in the darkness, looming over her promising future, is beyond what she could ever imagine…they call it…student debt.