[Warlock Challenge – Fernis - the regretful]

Hello! I just joined flippednormals and was very excited to see all the contests and active community and great artwork around here.

For my piece, I had the warlock character in mind and tried to build my concept similar to a DND character: dual class (magic and strength), which class is dominant, why branch out to another one. So i got a stylized, aging magic user wanting back the strength from his youth… obvious misfiring deal with a trickster demon takes place and you basically have the warlock - a mutated mage using his magic to keep his uncontrollable strength and bloodlust in check. Still working on the high poly, still a a few costume parts and the mandatory staff needed but it feels good working on something creative again!


Nice conzept, I like is so far… and you Play DnD! :ok_hand:
Gonna watch your work. :slight_smile:

Glad you like it! Stay safe!

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So, I’ve been adding details to my character, trying to stay sane during the lockdown the world is currently facing. Hope everybody is doing ok.

I’ve been itching to start the low poly. I want to focus on painting and generating textures more with this project, rather than obtaining an extremely detailed high-poly. Still a few details I want to add or change such as: more dynamic chains, the staff that he controls these magical chains witch, toes, a bit more texture on the blade itself, and thicker cuffs to restrain his muscular hands.


Work in progress retopology.


At this point in time, I am happy to say I am closing in to finishing the retopology. Just a few optimizations left to do, hair pieces follow and of course the work in progress staff that seal the chains binding his cursed arms. The final piece will reach 70k to 75k tris.

Please feel free to give feedback as I am a self-taught hobbyist at this point and this is my second full character process and my first complex one. Hoping to be able to break into the industry one day.

Also, I hope everyone is doing well and is safe. Take care!


Love the expression :smiley: :smiley: