[Warlock Challenge – Fernis - the regretful]

Hello! I just joined flippednormals and was very excited to see all the contests and active community and great artwork around here.

For my piece, I had the warlock character in mind and tried to build my concept similar to a DND character: dual class (magic and strength), which class is dominant, why branch out to another one. So i got a stylized, aging magic user wanting back the strength from his youth… obvious misfiring deal with a trickster demon takes place and you basically have the warlock - a mutated mage using his magic to keep his uncontrollable strength and bloodlust in check. Still working on the high poly, still a a few costume parts and the mandatory staff needed but it feels good working on something creative again!


Nice conzept, I like is so far… and you Play DnD! :ok_hand:
Gonna watch your work. :slight_smile:

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Glad you like it! Stay safe!

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So, I’ve been adding details to my character, trying to stay sane during the lockdown the world is currently facing. Hope everybody is doing ok.

I’ve been itching to start the low poly. I want to focus on painting and generating textures more with this project, rather than obtaining an extremely detailed high-poly. Still a few details I want to add or change such as: more dynamic chains, the staff that he controls these magical chains witch, toes, a bit more texture on the blade itself, and thicker cuffs to restrain his muscular hands.


Work in progress retopology.


At this point in time, I am happy to say I am closing in to finishing the retopology. Just a few optimizations left to do, hair pieces follow and of course the work in progress staff that seal the chains binding his cursed arms. The final piece will reach 70k to 75k tris.

Please feel free to give feedback as I am a self-taught hobbyist at this point and this is my second full character process and my first complex one. Hoping to be able to break into the industry one day.

Also, I hope everyone is doing well and is safe. Take care!


Love the expression :smiley: :smiley:

Finally managed to get my model unwrapped and posed. Happy to be able to start the texturing process. Managed to keep my model down to 71k tris.

Working on the skin complexity and face tattoos now that i am happy with the horns and staff diamond texture. As a general look i want him to look kind but forcefully evil. I think the warlock is a bland type of character in most storylines due to the fact that he is a very one sided character so I am trying to give mine a bit more contrast. The main storyline follows Fernis - a feeble mage who stumbles across the crystal-eyed owl - messenger of a trickster deamon. Glowing horns sprung from his head and strong arms from his back. Despite being generally good he still doesn’t have full control of his strength and bloodlust.

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I’m liking this! Complex and interesting. Perhaps you’re already planning to do this, so disregard if so. But I would do 2 quick, screen shot paint overs. One in just value (black and white) and afterward the other in color. Using contrast to establish the most important parts.
This might be old news or a poster on your wall, dunno, but I like the Dota 2 character guide’s explanation for making characters read nicely.


After looking at the guide, I should probably take my own advice, heh.


Just a small update drop-off

Trying to ballance all the elements. Learning a lot with this project and having a lot of fun with substance.

Still working on texturing. Took a bit of a different approach from my first tests. Still a few more things to do.

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Few more touches before preparing the final pieces.


@Fepuo This is amazing man. I love the Pout. please tell me that was intentional. :metal: :metal: That Pout genuinely made my day. I think i am going crazy. Rofl

The final pieces are ready and submitted. Loved working on this contest and loved having the time to do it. I hate saying it but this pandemic has been kind to me…

Link to the final submission: Warlock Challenge - Real-Time Game Character - Final Submissions


Sure is. Glad you like it. Despite the theme being generally dark, I think I needed something lighter considering the state of the world now!

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Nice stuff man. Cheers

Now ur making me feel bad. :sob: :sob:

Hahaha! No need. Ekira is so good it is uplifting!

Absolutely love the feeling of this piece. It’s kinda weird, funny, cute and creepy at the same time :sweat_smile:
Have a question though: how do you approach normal map baking for the cleaver edge? I’m struggling to get rid of minor distortions on the tips and some waviness along the very edge. You’re the only one who has sword-like prop so have I have to ask)