[Warlock Challenge] – [Atlas]

Hi everyone! It’s the first time I am participating in a challenge of this scale and I’m excited to show you the warlock character I have been working on for the past two weeks. So far, I have only completed the sculpting part of the character model and now I will be moving on to retopology.
The idea I had for this character was a sci-fi themed warlock named Atlas who was a scientist in the past but turned to using dark magic and causing chaos everywhere. He’s basically a comic book villain :slight_smile:
Hope you like it!


An update on my warlock character, I started working on the retopology a couple of days ago and I have finally finished the body and the shoulder piece retopo. :smiley:


I have completed the Retopology, UVs and baked the texture maps for my warlock character.
Next stop is texturing which will be a lot of fun! :grin:


@Alexandra_B Hi. Are you using only 1 Map ?

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Hi, I’m using more maps, I just added this image as a preview for the character and the UVs.
Aside from the Normal map , I’ve also baked the AO, ID, Position, Thickness and Curvature maps. :slight_smile:

@Alexandra_B oh. Bruh u can use 2 UVs overall of 4k maps.
Uv set 1- Albedo, Rghness, Metal, Emissive and so on
Uv set 2- Albedo, Rghness, Metal, Emissive and so on

It seems like you are using only 1 UV set. U can use 2 for more resolution. Can get in some dank texturing. According to the rules we are allowed to use 2 Uv sets.

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Oh I misunderstood your question, I thought you were asking me about the texture maps.
Thank you for the tip, I will look into it and see what I can do for the textures. Will post updates on the model soon.

Hi everyone, I have completed most of the texturing on my warlock and am excited to share an image of how the character looks so far!
I have to refine and polish the textures as well as add his tattoos and emissive parts. and then it’s rendering time :smiley:


I finished texturing my warlock, now the only thing left to do is rendering :slight_smile:
I added the tattoos I designed that the warlock has so they can be seen better.
Hope you like it and I’ll post the final soon!