Warlock Challenge - Real-Time Game Character - Final Submissions

Warlock [Koumajutsu] [Realtime]


Category: Real Time Engine Character
Polys: 35.280
Texture: 2 4k

She is a Koumajutsu.[Real-time Character]
In Japanese Koumajutsu mean : demon invocation, summoning demons.
She is the warlock of the people Dark Elfs of the moon.
“A long war continued between the human people against the people of Dark Elf of the moon.
The obscure warlock of the dark elfs guide the army of her people to invade the earth.”
Long arms , stylistic choice , to invoke demons thanks to her magic stick.

Realtime Marmoset and other images here:


See you soon here to the next challenge. :wink:

  • netkingZ

Hey, all :slight_smile:

This is my final submission for the Warlock challenge - real-time game character.
I aimed for a stylized, classical, fantasy warlock under the skin of a Faun, devout to ancient gods, and practitioner of necromancy, exploring the wilderness.

This was also the first time I’ve created something with such a low polycount (<72k) or used a real-time render engine. I’ve never watched so many tutorials in such short time-span. It was very challenging, indeed, for my skills - to be honest - but I had a blast coming up with this stuff and learning all this new stuff.

Thank you all for having me here; big thanks to Flipped normals for the challenge. I’ll make sure to take on the next challenge.

WIP thread

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Warlock Challenge

Final Submission - [DEATHER]

Catagory: Real Time Game Character

WIP: [Warlock Challenge] - [Dead Warlock]

Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/grkemuzun

An ex-army commander barely won his battle against an army of dead people in a war he entered. As a war booty, the commander received a cursed spell book from rival warlock. Over time, the commander learned the forbidden spells in the book, and then gained countless victories using his new abilities. But after a long time he lost his mind and has become the puppet of his own dark magic.

Poly count: 55.717
4k Textures

Final Render:

Unreal Engine Scene:

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Malavo The Tenebrous

Hey, everyone! This is my submission for this challenge. I had a lot of fun working on it, learned a bunch of new workflows, and further trained some of my existing skills.

Once a wise and respected being of magic and sorcery, now possessed by an evil entity, he roams the world endlessly, prying the very souls out of his victims…

Hopefully you all like it!

Any sort of C&C is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



These show his “power” flowing through his veins, symbols on his armor, and the horns growing out of his shoulders.

A Pose


Polycount is sitting at ‭83,620‬ tris.


Close Ups

Reference Sheet

This is my WIP Thread if anyone is interested in seeing a breakdown.

Here is my Art Station where I’ll post the turntable and the Marmoset Scene, as I currently don’t have those set up yet.

Thanks for the challenge! Until next time!


Hi everyone!

Here is my final submission for the Warlock Challenge - Real Time Character:

My idea was to fuse a modern tactical look with a Warlock. I had a lot of fun creating this character and I really like how it turned out!
Poly-Count: 41’738 tris

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4. I couldn’t resist adding particle effects and a little environment.

3D Viewer:

Tactical Warlock [FlippedNormals Challenge] by saros on Sketchfab

Texture Sets:

WIP Thread

This was my first challenge and I had a lot of fun. I will definitely enter a new one in the future.


Hey guys!

Happy to see all the great entries and everybody did an awesome job. I’m very glad i got to be a part of this challenge and i thank FlippedNormals for it.

Here’s my entry for the Warlock Challenge.

I call him the “Behemoth”, one of the guardians to the gates of hell. He is both a warlock and a count and has an enormous army of dark creatures spawned through dark magic.

For this creation, I drew inspiration from old biblical creatures and also from a few of my favorite video games. Here’s my WIP thread if you guys wanna look at my WIP shots.

Here’s the link to the real-time scene I set up on Sketchfab.




Texture Sets:

Sketchfab Scene:

I am also attaching the link to my Artstation if you want to look at more renders of the same.

Awesome challenge. Had loads of fun. Looking forward to more challenges in the future :smiley:

Cheers & Happy Sculpting!



Hello FlippedNormal community! I’m so excited to show you all my work and see submissions of my fellow peers! It was a great journey from start to finish. This is my final submission to the Warlock Challenge - Real-Time Game Character. Thank you so much FlippedNormal for this challenge. I am looking forward to more of your competitions/content in the future!

Sinclair, The Pirate Warlock

Sinclair was the captain of the infamous ship Ragnarok that departed on a treasure hunt. The hunt abruptly came to a halt by betrayal from one of her most trusted crewmate and lover, Amora. Ragnorak sunk into the ocean with the captain and the rest of her crew. Sinclair was saved by an old Warlock who found her washed ashore. The man who later became Sinclair’s mentor calls himself Raymond.

Like Sinclair, Raymond suffered a lot of loss and betrayal for his knowledge and power. Knowing his lifespan is near its end, he looks at Sinclair in hopes of passing everything to her despite it breaking the traditional rule of Warlocks being males. Having dipped into a bit of necromancy, he siphons the rest of his own life force to channel it into a transfer spell of some sorts to pass everything to Sinclair while tending her wounds. Thanks to the spell, when Sinclair wakes up she knows what occurred and of Raymond’s dying will. She thanks him and goes with his wishes by desecrating his body and trapping his soul into his skull to guide her. She engraves tattoos in her body to use as quick spell incantations. As a safeguard she infuses the vengeful souls of her crew with her own, symbolized by the magical hook. If she ever strays far from her path of revenge, the spirits will begin to consume her. Broken from betrayal and twisted with unfathomable power, Sinclair sets sail with one purpose - revenge.

Tri-count(Character): 52,668
Environment Tri-count(not counted for): 16,008
Total Tri-count(Character and Environment included): 68,676

Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3

Final Composition:

Front, Side, Back and Top/Bottom view with and without wire-frames:

Texture sets:

Here’s my WIP thread:

Here’s my Artstation link about this submission:


This is incredible!!!

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Dude I think you’re gonna win with this!

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Thankyou :grin:

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Dunno about that but i’m pretty happy that i got to finish it on time :upside_down_face:

Well this was quite a fun challenge! I’ve never made full character, or even a whole human before, so this definitely helped me push my limits and I have a much better idea and way more respect for character artists after seeing how much work goes into creating just one of them! I feel like this guy is as done as I can make him, at least for the challenge.

The inspiration came mainly from the sorcerer Hex from the original Ben 10 series, but while texturing, I came up with the idea that this particular warlock lives at the foot of a volcano, and sources his magic from the fiery gods that live within it. In order to cast spells, he is required to perform blood magic, whether it is his own or his enemy’s, it makes no difference to his magma-dwelling overlords. His prolonged exposure to this form of magic has turned his eyes black, and the constant heat and ash have slowly begun to turn his skin black as well. The skull is painted on using the ash from the volcano, and marks him as a follower of the gods of flame and destruction.

Thanks to Flipped Normals for creating this challenge, and a special thanks to @Bharat for helping me all along the way while I learned how to texture in substance.

quick edit from a dumb dumb: forgot the maps and needed to mention that the final tri count is 54k for all objects together, and the maps are all 2K resolution


Hi everyone,

This is my Final Submission for FlippedNormals Warlock challenge :blush:
I decided to do a mecha scifi warlock and I name this warlock “Albus” which represents “white” or “bright” :star2:

Here I share the final render and progress for my warlock character :smiley:

  • Final Pose render with Redshift :

  • Final Pose render with Marmoset :

  • Views from different angles :

  • Texture UV set :

You guys can also see my Marmoset Render View at my Artstation : Warlock Albus Marmoset View

Also my step by step progress thread here : Warlock Albus Step By Step

Wishing everyone the best and I’m very happy to be able to participate in this fun challenge :blush: :star2:


If you don’t mind me asking, how’d you bake your model? Because it looks insane

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I did the baking on Substance Painter. I just made sure that i captured the silhouette properly by snapping the low-poly model according to the peaks and protrusions on the high-poly model. That’s all. Not much work really :smile:

Hi all

This is my final submission for the FlippedNormals Warlock Challenge

this is Wren, Wren is a warlock that has found a why to tap into the domain of the Void where a vast space of limitless magic resides, although there are repercussion of being in contact with this dark force.

Final renders in UE4



Hi everyone!

Here is my final submission for the challenge, had some fun creating this character and
learned some things in the process.
Hope you like
Good luck to everyone!

WIP Thread : [Warlock Challenge] Agnes the Colonizer
Artstation (Marmoset Viewer included) : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yb1yd9

Here are the images:



Here is my final submission of the sword warlock

Polycount: 31309
Two 4096x4096 Texture sets


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Hi guys,
This is my final submission. I had a lot of fun creating the character. For me it was a special challenge because I have never created a complete human character before (sculpting, texturing, compositing was new to me). I learned a lot from the challenge. Thank you very much for this wonderful challenge.

The story about my character, which my friend and I wrote, can be found at the end of the post. Take a little bit of time and dive into the world of my character Nazuri

The important Data:
Poly count: 74.839
Textures: 2x 4K
Engine: Eevee
WIP: [Warlock Challenge] - [Nazuri the good warlock]

My final Render:

A other perspective:

Front and Backview:



The rings around the charackter are planes:

Texture sets:

The Story: (a big Thanks to my best Friend to help me whith this story, she is amazing)

This is Nazuri, of the tribe.dark warlock She struggles a lot with herself because she realized that she doesn’t like the dark craft of the tribe and when she loses a friend to the brutality of the tribe her decision is final: The tribe Vakaipa is no longer her home!
But how could she do that?
Escape is not an option.
But alone against the entire tribe? Impossible!
Nazuri has already seen a witch who turned to good, despised by her tribe and, as custom demands, cruelly sacrificed in a duel against the strongest witch of the tribe during the next full moon during the cleansing ritual.
At 18 years of age, Nazuri may be more experienced than before, but will she be able to defy black magic as taught in the tribe with her own magic?
At this thought she becomes aware of how hopeless it all seems.
Nevertheless she is determined to defend herself.
Khian shouldn’t have died in vain, and besides, if she doesn’t put an end to all this, who will?
Questions after questions buzzed through her mind while she sat at the old bog.
Her head ached with self-doubt.
But one thing Nazuri made clear: “I will not become like them! I don’t have to be like the tribe demands! I can change everything!”
She stood up abruptly, took a few steps towards the dark waters, dipped her hands into the grey, cool mud and looked at her reflection.
This black shoulder-length hair. Typical Vakaipa.
Suddenly she could no longer suppress her anger. Why did she have to remember everything about this tribe, about Khian and this compulsion through this given life? Why couldn’t she just be free?
Tears tore the perfect surface of the water below her and drew long waves across her reflection.
Re-awakened by frustration, Nazuri’s rage and desperate thirst for action broke over her.
She pulled her hands out of the mud and ran her fingers through her hair.
Nazuri wanted to get rid of it, everything that reminded her of this tribe!
One hand after the other she reached into the mud again and pushed it into her hair.
When her frustration finally subsided, the black of her hair was no longer visible under the white dried mud.
Almost in awe she looked at the white hair while she cleaned her hands on her cape.
“I can change everything,” Nazuri repeated resolutely, turning away from the old bog and going to pay her former tribe their last visit.
Now she was sure.


This is my final submission for the warlock challenge, i had lots of fun making this and the other entry are just breathtaking, thank you Henning and Morten for hosting this competition, i hope you enjoy my submission, the final render has a tri count of just over 71k, for a more indepth look at my work take a look at my thread: Warlock of DOOM ill be posting a link to a sketchfab model shortly to that thread, enjoy!