[Warlock Challenge] - [Tactical Warlock - J ]

First time participating and I’m a bit late but C&C is still welcome.

My idea was to fuse a modern tactical soldier with a warlock.
His name is James or John or just J (he doesn’t care what people call him). He’s very old and works as a mercenary these days. He primarily uses powerful fire spells but if that doesn’t work, a bullet mostly does the job. Especially when enhanced with magic.

First I did some quick concept sketches. I chose the one on the left.

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I’m pretty much done with the low and highpoly. I’m excited to texture him as this is my favorite part.


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I planned to have some runes or magic symboly on the side of the gun. But the model I chose doesn’t really have much space so if anybody has an idea how to make it more “magical” I’d be happy to hear it ^^

Looks awesome! For an example of a “magic” gun, you should look into guns in shows like puella magi madoka magica and akame ga kill! There are guns in those shows that act as more that just guns and have “magical” properties” that look cool and might be able to help you out with your gun design! Hope that’s helpful :smiley:

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Thanks for the tip! I will check it out :+1:

fits right into the Devil May Cry universe

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Texturing done :sunglasses:

(iray render from substance)


Check out my final submission here