[Warlock Challenge] - ["Behemoth"]


I would like to hear more about your detailing and baking process!
This is so impressive!
Thanks you for sharing

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@ivin, @knecksewn Thankyou!
@itayogev i will be sharing more pics of my progress
soon :smiley:

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This is intimidatingly cool man, can’t wait to see the final submission

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Here’s a Zbrush bpr render of the sculpt :slight_smile:

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Thankyou, if all goes well with the rigging part then I’ll be able to finish it in a few days.

I only started today so i’m still playing catch up, are you only left with rigging and presentation?

@Mhiko I haven’t even completed textures yet. I’m not following a pipeline at the moment and I’m trying to take out tasks simultaneously. I think we need to rush a bit but also enjoy the process :smiley:

damn, son! looking great <3

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@mrconfere thanks!

Currently working on the textures, C&C are welcome


This is impressive man, keep at it! I’m finally texturing my piece, hopefully i can catch up

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A few more tweaks left before he’s out…


Also made a tiny idle animation for him

P.S: I am a little bad at animations.


Aaand he’s done!


This is so stunning! We need From Software to make this a boss in their next game!!


Haha, thanks :laughing:

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Really impressive and there is so much detail to be amazed of!

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Thankyou :blush:

Dude this is fantastic work! Very inspiring. Any idle animation full renders?

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Thanks a lot. And no, i couldn’t do any idle animation renders yet other than a turntable one.