[Warlock Challenge] - [Dead Warlock]

Dead warlock story:

An ex-army commander barely won his battle against an army of dead people in a war he entered. As a war booty, the commander received a cursed spell book from rival warlock. Over time, the commander learned the forbidden spells in the book, and then gained countless victories using his new abilities. But after a long time he lost his mind and has become the puppet of his own dark magic.

Armor Topology is done next is Skeleton

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Where did you get inspiration for this design? Love the idea of covering the skelly with armor in this unique way

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From Overlord, Ghost Rider and Commander Ledros from legends of runeterra :d. With my last update, I will upload inspiration board.

I update my character with last zbrush renders.

Texture Test

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Texture and Marmoset Render Test. Iā€™m having trouble with transparency.

see you in the next challenge. :kissing_heart:


Unreal Engine Render Test