Warlock Challenge - Real-Time Game Character - Winners Announced

Our first major challenge is now finished!
We’ve gotten so many cool entries and it’s been fantastic to follow everyone’s progress.

:1st_place_medal: 1st place goes to @Rene

:2nd_place_medal: Second place goes to @itayogev

:3rd_place_medal: Third place goes to @har8

Congratulations to all of the winners, and such a terrific job from everyone who entered!
We will be in touch with each of the winners to make sure you get your prizes.

It’s been great to see this level of commitment, and it really inspires us to keep going with these challenges. Be on the lookout for up coming challenges with a butt load of prizes!

We also wanted to highlight a few honorable mentions:

By @Lenu

By @gene3d

By @nidhinprem

Again thank you to everyone who entered! We’re so humbled by all of these entries!


Aww my money was on the Behemoth! Thank you flippednormal so much for the chanllege, it is such an eye opener. Are you guys gonna make a video to talk about the winner’s work? Please do!!!


The challenge was awesome and thankyou for the opportunity. Congrats to the winners!
Looking forward for more challenges by you guys in the future! :blush:

Well deserved wins! Amazing work, thank you for the opportunity. Looking forward to completing the next one. :smiley: