[Warlock Challenge] – [Fat Baby Botto]

Really excited to jump into this challenge!

Since I don’t consider myself much of a designer I’ll be basing mine off an existing concept design from Fred Rambaud (amazing concept artist) who was kind enough to allow me to work on his Fat Baby Botto design: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4bGQ28

While I get this might not be considered a traditional warlock design I can still see this fitting into some warped sci-fi reality that incorporates magic somehow and I wanted to do something a bit out of the box. Also a fat sumo baby with tattoos is too good to pass up!!


super rough dyna block out

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still pushing the shapes around a lot. Still very rough at this stage

starting to get somewhere

Using the Live Boolean to get some of the hard surface details in


got most of the main shapes and tools in place before some further refinement passes.


working out this how this thing wraps into itself was a fun time :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally had some time between work to do a bit more on this guy. I think I’m ready to move on from the sculpt and start on these tattoo sleeves. But if anyone has any feedback or suggestions to improve it lay it on me :smiley:

some more shots


decided I wasn’t 100% happy with some of the proportions for the head/face and reworked them a bit.

Also had a go at working the tattoo sleeves. Tried to keep them from looking as flat as the concept while sticking to the design but the fading gradients of the tattoos don’t look super awesome over red skin in some areas haha



Looking so awesome, one of my favorite concepts so far! Looking forward to seeing the final submission!

The execution on the tattoos is looking so good already, I’d love to know what kind of techniques you’ve used? Are they hand drawn in photoshop and then projected, or they just drawn straight onto the mesh?

Keep up the great work!

Thanks so much Lenu!

The tattoos were a bit fiddly, I did a sloppy UV master unwrap and took the low into Substance just so I could work with layers/masks before getting to the proper retopo. Most of the fading was handpainted and faded in. Aftewrwards I brought the texture back into Zbrush and pulled onto the polypaint to do some final touch ups on the high. here’s how I built up the tattoos:


This looks sweet! Great sculpting. I love the fleshiness of the skin; you nailed that.

For feedback, and you might be past fiddling with the sculpt, but the shape of his underbelly seems less bulbous in the concept, giving him a slightly more fit and aggressive appearance. Looking dead on, the widest part of his belly is where the arms touch, it tapers in and down from there.

Maybe check it out, I could be wrong. Either way this guy looks great, good job!

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Thanks for the feedback @Big_Mclarge_Huge
I haven’t quite moved on to the retopo yet, and I agree with your feedback so I’ll definitely play around with that belly shape some more and try and get it closer to the concept. I’m actually spotting some other areas I could probably push in the arms and legs too upon further review haha

Went through the bake without too many errors, although I had to chop the arms off and reattach. Did a bunch of texturing and probably ready to move into Marmoset now I think.
Here’s the textures from Painter:


Here’s the final shots with the viewer if you’d like to check out topology/maps. Thanks for looking!