[Warlock Challenge] – [Fat Baby Botto]

Really excited to jump into this challenge!

Since I don’t consider myself much of a designer I’ll be basing mine off an existing concept design from Fred Rambaud (amazing concept artist) who was kind enough to allow me to work on his Fat Baby Botto design: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4bGQ28

While I get this might not be considered a traditional warlock design I can still see this fitting into some warped sci-fi reality that incorporates magic somehow and I wanted to do something a bit out of the box. Also a fat sumo baby with tattoos is too good to pass up!!


super rough dyna block out

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still pushing the shapes around a lot. Still very rough at this stage

starting to get somewhere

Using the Live Boolean to get some of the hard surface details in


got most of the main shapes and tools in place before some further refinement passes.


working out this how this thing wraps into itself was a fun time :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally had some time between work to do a bit more on this guy. I think I’m ready to move on from the sculpt and start on these tattoo sleeves. But if anyone has any feedback or suggestions to improve it lay it on me :smiley:

some more shots