[Warlock Challenge] - ["Behemoth"]


My submission for this challenge is called the “Behemoth”.

This beast is one of the guardians to the gates of Hell who possesses the power of a hundred elephants and wields dark magic and commands an army of other-worldly creatures.

For this idea, i made a concept in 3D and kept developing it till i was satisfied with the result.

I will be updating more progress pics soon. :slight_smile:


Here’s a snapshot from Substance Painter. I’m currently working on its textures.

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Here’s another WIP shot. Tweaking around with smart mat properties is always fun :smiley:


that’s one sexy big boi

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Haha, thanks :smiley:

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wow! great detail work! very accurate

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Impressive! :open_mouth:

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wow man! this is some high level baking!
can you share the topology?


Thanks a lot!

Thankyou @felgoh

@itayogev Here’s a picture of the wireframe. I also wanted to keep the budget within 40k tris.


@nidhinprem Amazing work man ! Cheers

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Thankyou @Bharat

Wow awesome wireframe!!

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great work man

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I would like to hear more about your detailing and baking process!
This is so impressive!
Thanks you for sharing

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@ivin, @knecksewn Thankyou!
@itayogev i will be sharing more pics of my progress
soon :smiley:

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This is intimidatingly cool man, can’t wait to see the final submission

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Here’s a Zbrush bpr render of the sculpt :slight_smile:

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Thankyou, if all goes well with the rigging part then I’ll be able to finish it in a few days.