Warlock Challenge - Real-Time Game Character - Final Submissions

Here is my final submission of the sword warlock

Polycount: 31309
Two 4096x4096 Texture sets


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Hi guys,
This is my final submission. I had a lot of fun creating the character. For me it was a special challenge because I have never created a complete human character before (sculpting, texturing, compositing was new to me). I learned a lot from the challenge. Thank you very much for this wonderful challenge.

The story about my character, which my friend and I wrote, can be found at the end of the post. Take a little bit of time and dive into the world of my character Nazuri

The important Data:
Poly count: 74.839
Textures: 2x 4K
Engine: Eevee
WIP: [Warlock Challenge] - [Nazuri the good warlock]

My final Render:

A other perspective:

Front and Backview:



The rings around the charackter are planes:

Texture sets:

The Story: (a big Thanks to my best Friend to help me whith this story, she is amazing)

This is Nazuri, of the tribe.dark warlock She struggles a lot with herself because she realized that she doesn’t like the dark craft of the tribe and when she loses a friend to the brutality of the tribe her decision is final: The tribe Vakaipa is no longer her home!
But how could she do that?
Escape is not an option.
But alone against the entire tribe? Impossible!
Nazuri has already seen a witch who turned to good, despised by her tribe and, as custom demands, cruelly sacrificed in a duel against the strongest witch of the tribe during the next full moon during the cleansing ritual.
At 18 years of age, Nazuri may be more experienced than before, but will she be able to defy black magic as taught in the tribe with her own magic?
At this thought she becomes aware of how hopeless it all seems.
Nevertheless she is determined to defend herself.
Khian shouldn’t have died in vain, and besides, if she doesn’t put an end to all this, who will?
Questions after questions buzzed through her mind while she sat at the old bog.
Her head ached with self-doubt.
But one thing Nazuri made clear: “I will not become like them! I don’t have to be like the tribe demands! I can change everything!”
She stood up abruptly, took a few steps towards the dark waters, dipped her hands into the grey, cool mud and looked at her reflection.
This black shoulder-length hair. Typical Vakaipa.
Suddenly she could no longer suppress her anger. Why did she have to remember everything about this tribe, about Khian and this compulsion through this given life? Why couldn’t she just be free?
Tears tore the perfect surface of the water below her and drew long waves across her reflection.
Re-awakened by frustration, Nazuri’s rage and desperate thirst for action broke over her.
She pulled her hands out of the mud and ran her fingers through her hair.
Nazuri wanted to get rid of it, everything that reminded her of this tribe!
One hand after the other she reached into the mud again and pushed it into her hair.
When her frustration finally subsided, the black of her hair was no longer visible under the white dried mud.
Almost in awe she looked at the white hair while she cleaned her hands on her cape.
“I can change everything,” Nazuri repeated resolutely, turning away from the old bog and going to pay her former tribe their last visit.
Now she was sure.


This is my final submission for the warlock challenge, i had lots of fun making this and the other entry are just breathtaking, thank you Henning and Morten for hosting this competition, i hope you enjoy my submission, the final render has a tri count of just over 71k, for a more indepth look at my work take a look at my thread: Warlock of DOOM ill be posting a link to a sketchfab model shortly to that thread, enjoy!


Hello everyone!

Here is my final entry for this challenge. I really had a lot of fun creating a character from scratch and thank you to FlippedNormals for giving this opportunity!


Barael is a warlock that serves his patron, a vulture-like entity. While not very strong when in direct combat, he excels at curses and planning which makes him a high-rank tactician amongst other followers. He lives a hermit lifestyle, alone and far from civilization. However, he does keep an eye on everything that goes on in the world with his flock of undead vultures, waiting for orders from his patron.

The final model uses 2 x 4k texture sets and has a total of 52,273 Triangles.

Marmoset Viewer (with 2k texture resolution)

I hope you like it and I’ll see you in the next challenge! :grin:


Hello there,
This is my final submission for the character challenge
Sirius, the Iniut, concept made by Wu Shenyou.
Artstation link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1g1g6
WIP: [Warlock Challenge] - [Sirius, the Inuit]

The final shots:

This challenge was a great experience and I learned soo much.
Especially the sculpting part in Zbrush really expanded my knowledge.
Thank you FlippedNormals team for hosting this challenge!

Good luck to all the other participants. Alot of you guys kept me motivated to push myself to create this character as best as I can.


This is the final character for the challenge.
I have created the 3D model based on the concept art of an acquaintance.

Concept artist: Nayra Kei

Her name is Brinbergine (Bi Be). She’s a little and lonely warlock. Time ago, she sacrificed her left eye to create a magic weapon to increase her power. She learned to build things up just by herself, and started a path where she’s still trying to understand that there’s much more than meets the eye.

Illuminated in Marmoset Toolbag:

Sketch on which it has been based:

Final illustration:

Thread of my WIP:

My Artstation:


Here a newy in the challenges

This little lady is Vispa, a fairy who instead of been a lady butterfly, a moth waifu or a nightmare for Hellboy, she took the easy dark and forbidden spider magic from a magical staff and a old grimoire from a forgotten (and surely forbidden) ruins. So…yeap, she took the old warlock, or witch, path, but she looks happy, corrupted but happy (I know that because I modelled her a smile behind that veil.

For more details about the inspiration and the creation process, you can see her thread




Texture Sets:

Sketchfab Scene:

Also, I will let here my Artstation if you like and/or want to see more of my work.

And finally I will say thanks for the challenge, it has been a cool (and sometimes a bit stressful :laughing:) experience, and also good luck to everyone.


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I’m glad to finally finish this challenge! It’s been so cool to push myself and try to make a whole character.

This one is The Unspoken - a mysterious warlock who survived an assassination attempt and now seeks revenge. I tried to add a background story to the design through small (or maybe not that small) details all over - which is was, for me, the very first time I did something like that. I hope I achieved something close to that.

Below are some shots taken from Marmoset Toolbag - along with the texture maps.

Render shots from different angles:

Wireframe along tris count:

Render shots of normals only:

Below my two 4k texture maps used:

Thank you for your attention! :slight_smile:


Glaymore, Wielder of Magic

Here is my final submission to the Flipped Normals Real Time Character Warlock Challenge. Cursed by a witch during a mission, Glaymore turned into a feral beast. The only way to return to his former self was to master what he had rapidly learned to hate. Being a wielder of magic became both his doom and his fate. The final model hits a whopping 64085 polys and consists of two 4K maps.

Sketchfab Link: Glaymore, Wielder of Magic

Personal Thread Link: Glaymore, Wielder of Magic - Progress

A huge thanks to everyone involved for making this whole thing happen. It is a huge opportunity for all 3D artists to learn and improve. I loved working on this big dude and can’t wait for the next challenge!


First of all, word of gratitude to Flipped Normals guys for doing this challenge. I’ve decided to switch carriers exactly 1 year ago, knowing absolutely nothing about 3D or art as a field. This challenge was my first full character attempt, and 80% of the whole pipeline was done for the first time as well) And that’s exactly what my gratitude is about: thank you for this taste of “field action”, it was hard but very rewarding. I’ve messed up quite a bit of stuff along the way, like hair cards(which are missing coz of that) but gained tons of invaluable experience. So here’s my submission for The Warlock Challenge.

Albran Tiefling Warlock
Based on a concept of SketchGoblin

My twist on a story:

Albran was an ordinary fella, except of his dark blue skin and devilish horns, which were pointing to his origin from the clan of tieflings, that were living far in the mountains. He was found half-dead in the woods near the village by the local blacksmith, adopted and raised like his own son, who also showed him how to handle a sword, as well as how to forge his own one.

Albran was having a hard time getting along with local boys, which resulted in numerous mass beatings. As he got stronger, he started to fight back to others, relentlessly swinging his long wooden sword and swearing with all kinds of words on his native dialect. Nobody could understand those words and they sound like spells or incantations to other boys. So they started call Albran “the Warlock”.

Slowly getting respect and his place in the community, now Albran is a skilled swordsman, and no one dares to insult him anymore.

Main shots

I’ve used only one texture slot, coz another 2nd one was meant for hair cards.

48k tris total

Original clay render that does have hair

Reference board

Head closeups

That’s it. Took me 1 month from start to finish.

Many thanks to everyone who’ve participated and to those who made this challenge possible.

Love and peace :call_me_hand:


Iwa the shy rocky warlock

Hi there ! Final submission tiiiime ! Let me introduce to you : Iwa !

Iwa is a young and shy Warlock apprentice with some astonishing potential. She loves nature and espacially : ROCKS ! She’s able to bend it to her will with such facility that it’s scaring the hell out of the people around… Sometimes, she looses control on her powers and can become a real threat to them. Therefore, she doesn’t have many friends and suffers a lot from it. But she’s brave and tough ! To lessen that isolation and loneliness feeling she made out of stones her two best friends Brock & Mica !



Hey everyone,

After a lot of work, I am very happy to present my entry:

Rose, The Mild

Some close-ups:


Rose: 52065 Tris

Staff: 2036 Tris

Day vs. Night lighting:

Side and back views:

I used marmoset toolbag for the renders.

Texture Maps:

Two 4K sets.

Based on a drawing by Natalia, Her IG: https://www.instagram.com/nipunidraws/

Had a great time taking part in this challenge!

See you guys next time :slight_smile:



Instagram: @itayogev


My final submission.

“Luna The Sorceress”

Thanks to Flipped Normals it has been a pleasure for me to participate in this contest. It has been a challenge that has made me improve as a character artist in many ways. I’ve had moments of frustration and trouble but you never give up. I’m very happy with the result, I hope you like it.

98k tris with two 4k UV maps.
Software used: Zbrush, Maya, Substanc Painter, Marmoset.

Final Render:


Additional shots:


Texture Maps:

My Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/enricbagur


Hi everyone, this is my final submission. Thank you.

WIP Thread: [Warlock Challenge]-[Stone Warlock]

Heres my Final Submission to the Real Time Game Character - Warlock Challenge!
The character is inspired from Ajani Goldmane, a MTG Planeswalker, with my concept idea being this majestic being was corrupted by demonic magic, one taste making him fully embrace the life of a warlock. This is the third real time character i’ve put together using the Maya/Zbrush/Painter workflow since graduating from college!

I present to you “Curse of the Warlock Puppet”

My idea was to make a warlock who had turned his back on nature and assimilated magic infused limbs into his body until they corrupted and completely consumed him. As such my warlock is more a mass of limbs then a full body. In his stomach cavity I sculpted a tortured spirit crying in agony to show the torture his magic has brought on him because to my understanding a warlock is a witch who was cast away from their coven and is commonly associated with a more dark or demonic kind of magic. If you look closely each of his legs and underneath his torso there are glowing magic circles that are angled towards his spirit, forever binding him to the puppet. I felt like it was a nice touch to help sell the image I was trying to express

Have also attached a link to my artstation post if you want to see a turntable of my Warlock https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3o64lJ

I truly enjoyed the Challenge and will forever remember it as both my first art challenge and my first step towards reaching a childhood dream I’m fighting to make a reality. Do let me know what you think and thank you

Good luck everyone!


Hi this is my final submission for my character Dreadhowl.
Poly count: 46,523 rendered in Blender Eevee
WIP thread: [Warlock Challenge] - [Dreadhowl]

Final submission:

This my first time actually creating a character in 3D, I have much more to learn but this challenge have helped me immensely in understanding the concepts behind it. Huge thanks to the Flippednormals team for this opportunity to learn and hoping to participate in more challenges to come. I am simply blown away by the submissions from the others, great work and stay safe everyone. Cheers.

Hello Everyone!

Here is my final submission for the Warlock challenge. I really enjoyed working on this character (I just wish I had been able to start earlier). My original idea was a Forest Centaur Warlock who has become part of the forest over years due to his magic. He is a very powerful and wise warlock that harnesses the power of earth magic.

Thank you Flipped Normals for putting this contest on.


P.S. The Character ended up 98,207 Tris, just under the limit. Please judge the first image (without border) as my final beauty shot.

Hello there!

Here is my final submission for the Warlock Challenge!

Had fun doing this character. Really loved the theme for this challenge. I wanted to do warlock in Egytian style. The character is from my own concept and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Anyhow, it was fun project to work with and I learned a lot.

Rendered everything in Marmoset Toolbag 3

Character 56102
Ground 1536
Combined 57638

Software used: Zbrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and Marmoset.

Here is my characters Bio:

Omari - The High Born

A long time ago there lived a king who had more power and wealth than anyone. King Omari ruled with fear and tyranny and despised every living being. The only thing he worshipped was time. Only time could be stronger than any man and the king himself knew it.

Wealth and power did not make Omari immortal and he feared death more than anything. He feared running out of time. In desperation, the king began to look for a way to eternal life.

He commanded the whole kingdom to look for the solution and the one who would find it would be rewarded with an immeasurable amount of riches.

Years passed, and no solution was found. The king had already lost all of his hope as his own time drew close to its end. One day Death himself came to fetch the king with him. In desperation, Omari prayed for Death to save his life. The king would do anything to get more time.

Death knew a way to benefit them both, to give Omari more time to live and to ease his own load of work. Omari was the right kind of person to carry out the task. So he gave the king an hourglass. However, it was no ordinary measurer of time. It was an hourglass of time and blood, filled with black magic.

The king would gain more time to himself every time he sucks the vitality from the living people into the hourglass while taking their lives away from them. After devouring the whole kingdom he now wonders trough deserts, still desperately seeking living to gain more time.

Omari - The High Born

Wireframe Rend

Clay Rend


WIP Thread:

[Warlock Challenge] – [Omari The High Born]

My ArtStation : )


Love your piece and he vibe to it. Reminds me of the similar-looking dudes from Mad Max Fury Road - the ones in the swamps.

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