[Warlock Challenge] - [Dreadhowl]

Hi guys this is my WIP thread and initial sketch to get ideas rolling for the Warlock Challenge.

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Great! Whats the backstory behind your character?

Good luck!

Hi @henning thank you for checking out my thread and I will also take this chance to thank the FlippedNormals team for this challenge!

My character “Dreadhowl” is a seasoned warlock who utilizes devastating magic to be a one man army in battlefields. Dreadhowl is only known by his title, he has no known identity beside being a warlock elf who joins wars only to test his abilities. He is adept with his staff blade and is a master of 5 elements but these are used only to reach his true purpose on the battlefield: to kill as many so that he can bring them back as undead werewolves to cause more destruction on his command.

Finally got the time to start on this. Did the basic model and messed around with materials a bit. Changed the hand+fur mantle from the initial sketch to just fur mantle as I felt the hand does not fit the character’s theme. I anticipate other changes as I go further mainly for the belt and staff. Next step is to work on the head and add more detail to the overall model.

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Revamped the model, I think I am satisfied with what I have currently. Will polish further here and there. Going to add some gauntlets and work on head next. Played with blender shaders a bit more and started texturing parts of the armor just to get a feel for what I really want with the overall design.

Everyone stay safe and clean, strange times right now.

Dreadhowl final render.

Was too late to do a proper render so my final submission render fell short. Anyways, I had something like this in mind.


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