[Warlock Challenge] – [Brinbergine]

Hi! Here’s a sneak peak of the character for the challenge. The concept is from a friend of mine. I’m working on the 3D model. Here you have some first sketches!

Concept artist: Nayra Kei


Block out.
For the head I used the “DemoAnimeHead” of Zbrush.

Retopology made in Topogun.

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This looks super fun! I love the colors.

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judging from the concept art I expect this to win first prize.

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Thank you!! I’m trying my best to make it look as similar as possible.

Thank you so much for your comment! :sob: It makes me (and the concept artist) so happy!

clothes made in Marvelous Designer

shoes made with ZModeler


UVWs in 3DS Max

This is so cute! I hope you’ll finish it in time :slight_smile: Would love to see it as part of the final lineup

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Thank youu! :blue_heart: Thanks for your kind words

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And, to finish the thread, here we come with the final phase of the my character!
I’m very excited and I hope you like the work done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

illuminated in Marmoset Toolbag


Amazingly done!
I feel exactly the same vibe from the concept art.