[Warlock Challenge] - [Sirius, the Inuit]

Hello there,
Hope you are all healthy and at home.
This is my entry for the Warlock challenge. I am a design student from germany and I am grateful to be able to use this concept made by Wu Shenyou:

Artstation of Wu Shenyou:

I enjoy his backstory and that he has undergone a transformation. It is one of my goals to work on a character with this trait. I will try my best to create this character in 3D.
I`ve done it a few times, with him want to focus on his shape language and on my skillset in substance painter.

Wish you all good luck!
And feel free to comment, if you want. I really enjoy good critique.


Hey guys, just a little heads up on me working on the character.
I`m on my journey to learn zbrush for complete character creation with this project.
In the past I´ve done a lot of box modeling, but now I really want to get into zbrush

So this is my first rough WIP of the overall anatomy and the proportions of the character. At the moment I try to get more precise with my sculpting.
I already tried to build the mask, but I may start from scratch since it looks more like something Scarecrow from Batman would wear :smiley:

Have a nice weekend!

My zbrush learning adventure goes on. I am trying to get the overall shapes,
especially the transformation parts.

Front view

Side view

I will go on finalizing the shapes of the left arm,
before moving on with the heart and the details.

Next small update on the sculpting process of the character. His left arm is slowly getting his desired form

I will look at the previous parts again and refine his transformation parts step by step.
See ya and good luck to you all


It reminds me of Tobi from Naruto. Hehe :crazy_face:

ha, yes I see the resemblence with the mask :grin:

Hello there, this is my update for the week.
Got alot of shapes and forms, like I want them to be. Next week I want to move on with the clothing. I could sculpt his left arm without end, but I want to move on.

This is another artwork of the character, which helped me alot

View from the front

The transformed arm

And a more close up view from the other side

When I looked closely at the reference, it appeared to me, that the heart might have a direct connection to his head. I will look at the heart again after I have the first clothes on him.

Critique is always welcome and I really appreciate it.
Have a nice weekend!

Another week flew by and I managed to create a first pass of his clothing.

I`m quite happy with the current state. For me it makes a huge difference to see him with his clothing. Some details need to be made, the shoes, and his collar for exapmple.
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!


Greetings everyone!
One more week was necessary for me to get some steps done.
Now I got to Substance Painter and texturing.

I mostly worked on the groundwork of the materials and masking.
The next step will be on his Details and then, rendering :smiley:
Time is going so fast atm.

Hope you are all safe and have a nice weekend!

Now I almost finished my renderings Marmoset Toolbag and in comparison to Vray,
I really enjoy to work in realtime on finalizing an image.

Thesw are the shots for my final submission.All in all I really enjoyed the process, although I had some time issues in the end. I got a bit hung up on the sculpting part, so I didnt havethe time in the end for texturing. I got a bit into a rush in the end with some steps like unwrap and retopo too.
But I am glad that I took the time to get more into zbrush and this challenge really taught me alot.
Turntable and other views will be uploaded to the submission page.

Thanks to all the people viewing and liking the thread and also to all the other participants.
So many of you inspired and motivated me to push myself and do the best I can to realize this character.