Warlock Challenge - VFX Character - Final Submissions

This is the Final Submissions thread for the category VFX Character.

You will only be allowed 1 submission in this thread. When you feel like you’ve pushed yourself as far as you can and there’s nothing else to do, post it here.

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Final Submission

  • 1 final render of your character - 1,920px+ on the longest edge.
  • Front, side and back views of your character - 1,920px+ on the longest edge.
  • Wireframe shots and a texture overview + any additional renders you wish to include
  • (Optional) Work in progress images to show your journey from start to finish

We’re really excited to see what you come up with for your final entry :smiley:
Good luck!


Here is Slomizz, my final submission for the VFX character challenge.

Here are two other beauty renders:

Front, side, and back views:

Here are the wireframes for all of these shots:


And here are a few screenshots from substance painter for a texture overview! (please let me know if I need to submit anything else to complete that category)

And here’s a link to my WIP thread.

Thank you Flipped Normals for putting on this contest - I had a lot of fun making this!


Gorgeous!! So well done

Great job mate, cool design and I love his chin rolls :laughing:

Warlock from the deeps:

(upload://koyliFl1zQwez6KAkh1XbLe6IB.jpeg) ![close_04|564x500]

wireframe and textures:

my entry thread:

It was great to participate in this challenge


Warlock Challenge - [“Warlock Girl”]

WIP: [Warlock Challenge] - [“Warlock Girl”]

The Girl who saved the strange smoke-tar creature in the cave when she went to get water. For salvation, the Creature gave the girl magical powers and warned: “The more you use this power, the more you will become a creature like me. And one day, you will give this power to someone for your salvation.”

Beauty Renders:

Additional Renders:

Wireframe Renders:

Art and Textures:

Thanks FlippedNormals for the interesting challenge. I had a lot of fun and excitement.
I hope you enjoy it! :grin:


Warlock Challenge - Crow Indian Warlock

WiP: [Warlock Challenge] - [Crow Indian Warlock]

My goal with this challenge was to learn since it’s my first time doing a full character and the idea was to go on a different path of what’s usually thought as a warlock.

Created with Blender 2.8 and Substance Painter

Final render:

Front, side, and back views:

Wireframe shots:


Additional shots:


hi this is my final submission :grinning: all made in blender, hope you like it!



Final Submission!

As the deadline is here! The warlock challenge is done!
I’ve started this challenge with an idea I had my self. Once the challenge was open I started drawing and from that drawing/ concept, I started to sculpt. Normally I would look for a cool concept on the internet but I wanted to challenge my self in the challenge(pun intended). As the quarantine and work started to stack up it was hard and there were some really late nights. But Loved every moment of it!

As I type my final submission in the blog you can follow the progress of my work! Here are the final result images. They were Rendered in Maya Arnold, Composited in Resolve/fusion, and final logo and image combination was done in Photoshop. The whole project was done with Zbrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Marvelous Designer, and Substance Alchemist for the clothing patterns( which I made my self.).


Apparently new users on the site cant upload more than one image and one link, so dont really know how to upload my entire entry aside from spamming if that causses any inconviniences i apologice, i can delete the rest of posts… lol

Hi this is my Submission, a little frogo that got bullied a little too much and made a deal with a demon.

Final Render:

It was an interesting challenge had fun doing it, learned a lot since i don’t know much about texturing, composition, VFX and rendering…



Heres the rest of the shots…


Warlock Challenge - [“Shika Ryūō 鹿龍王”]

Hello everyone, I’m Jonathan Lee from Singapore and here is my piece for this challenge.

Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/cove989



They say Evros was the first, and will be the last. We live inside its glands, travelling the universe without it even realizing.
This is a story we tell children, we have no proof that we live inside the glands of a celestial being, however when a sorcerer uses their magic, rumors say that you can see Evros the second the spell is cast - only for a split second. Are we borrowing minuscule amounts of power? Does it have a price?


Thanks again to the team at Flipped Normals for the opportunity to participate in the challenge! I look forward to looking through everyone’s final submissions. A well done to those that have submitted already, really cool projects so far!


hi this is my final submission

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Greetings this is my first ever competition so i would be really happy if i get some great feedback from experienced artists…anyway this should be my final render.

P.S. I see that most of the guys are pretty far ahead of me here so may the best one win.

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Finally I’m done! :smiley:
I’m quite happy, there is a room for improvement, but it’s my second character ever done, and for the first time I have to deal with proper topology, and many other things.


1. Final render:
Unfortunetelly I didn’t have time to do some background :confused:

2. View from diffrent sides:



3. UV:
It’s quite noisy but I decided to get more detail on tris, cause they are kind of cheap so the whole model got around 1mln polygons.
(19 UDIMS, maybe alittle bit to much, but the wings are huuge :wink: )

4. Topology(Ugh … ):

5. Textures:
-Base Color:

-Height + Normal:




Link to textures in 1k, in render they were mainly in 2-4k.

6. Sculpt:

7. My thread:

It was a great oportnity to compete with group of such talented artists!
Good luck evryone! :smiley:


Hello guys!

My journey was full of errors and problems which i had to solve. And I have learned a lot by working on this project. So I am really happy that i have joined this awesome challenge. :slight_smile:

Here I am representing my work called Fallen Monk by the great concept artist KillArt https://kilart.artstation.com/

I hope you enjoy it!
And as always critical feedbacks are welcome!

Final render:

As a render engine I have used Vray GPU. This is my first time experimenting with Vray.
It ran on a single RTX 2080. Most of the time it rendered really smooth. But the problem came with displacement maps where the mesh was subdivided. For some reason, it decided to break face normals. I couldn’t come up with quick fix, so I have decided to run it on a already subdivided model.

Interactive Xgen for the body hairs


for the Textures I have used several Udims divided into sets. (lazy me used UVmaster for the UVs of skulls)


I have decided to use mostly subdivision level 2 from zbrush

additional renders:

Thank you very much for having a look at my work.


Hi, i’m Erwan, a 3d student student from France.
Here is my final submision for the warlock project.
It’s a Magic dwarf

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My Final Submission for the “WARLOCK” Art Challenge!

I’d like to thank Henning and Morten!
Thank you guys for keep doing these challenges, I’ve learn so much!!

Here my wip thread:

Also you can check my post on art station about this challenge.
I’ve upload a turntable of both the sculpt and the wireframe.
I’ve also added a short video explaining the light passes I’ve made during rendering.

Final Render:

Front, Sides, Back:

Final Sculpt:



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