[Warlock Challenge] – [Fiendfyre]

Hello everyone!

Here’s my entry for the VFX Challenge.

My goal is to create an high detailed sculpture of Lord Voldemort battling alongside with Nagini. I’ll focus on sculpting and texturing with the aim to be photorealistic as much as I can. Also, I intent to take my time to present the final sculpt in the best way possible.

I’ve started collecting some reference images.

In the hope to see everyone in the Final Submission Thread,
Good luck to you all,



I’ll be sculpting the body of Voldemort starting from the basemesh provided in the course “Concept Sculpting for Film and Games” by Henning and Morten.

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Hey! This should be fun to watch. Good luck with the challenge! I cant see your Voldemort.

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Thanks Henning! Hopefully it will turn out to be okay! :sweat_smile:

Hi everyone, I’ve just finished the concept for the sculpt.
This should give you an idea of what I’m planning to do.
As you can see I would love to sculpt Voldemort while performing the “Fiendfyre” enchantment.


Cool concept, it’s a nice painting! Looking forward to seeing how the fire effects turn out.

Thanks! At the moment I’m finishing sculpting the body. After I’ve retopologized it I’ll start think how to approach the fire. Stay tuned!

Hi guys, here’s an updates on the project.
Hope you’ll find my workflow useful somehow.

  • As I previously posted, I’ve began modifying the generic basemesh found in the course of Henning and Morten. Dynamesh help me achieve an overall good definition of the general shapes of the entire body.

  • When I was satisfy I’ve decimated the model and imported in Maya where I’ve retopologized it using the Quad Draw feature.

  • After having retopologize one side I’ve decided to switch to Blender because I wanted to try the new UDIM feature that the developers have added in the latest updates. Being a VFX Challenge I also thought it would be a good idea to UVing this way. Having in mind the final sculpt, I decided that I would give more definition to the head, hands and feet (the rest being covered by the costume). In this way I ended up creating six tiles for the head (1001-1006), one tile for the torso and back (1007), one for the arms (1008), one for the legs (1009), two for the hands (1010-1011), and another two for the feet (1012-1013). In this way I was able to have the head, hands and feet tiles in 4K, the arms and legs in 2K and the body just 512.

Hopefully I didn’t annoyed anyone :sweat_smile:
Next I’ll start roughing out the costume, the wand and Nagini,


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