[Warlock Challenge] - ["Warlock Girl"]


Hello!!! My name is Rita and I’m Hair/Fur Groomer from Russia :blush:. I will try to participate and have time to do what I came up with in this contest.
So! :star2: :star2: :star2: What did I come up with? After reviewing a bunch of pictures, I made a collage and outlined it.
Here’s what I got (this is what I will do :laughing:):

I hope you will be interested and you will support me! :innocent:!


Great design, those eyes will looked wicked! It’s got a real “dark Katara” (from Avatar Last Airbender) vibe. Best of luck! :blush:

Wow! Thanks for enjoying! :grin: This is the first time I am drawing my idea. I think that the eyes will be more indifferent than bear emotion. Therefore, I chose Byakugan from Hinata, her eyes are always calm. :eye:

So far, so it goes. :slight_smile:


I love the shapes that you have going especially with the dress :+1:

Hello everyone!
I made a pose and started setting up the materials. Here are some tests I hope you enjoy.

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lukaskut, Thank You!!! :slight_smile: The bottom of the dress will be from volume along with geometry. I hope it works out.

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And! Next update!


Hi guys!
10 days to go! This is very exciting!
I realized my idea. My warlock’s skirt is a black cloud with black-blue clots. This is a sign that when using strong magic, the warlock begins to turn into the spirit of the elemental, with whom he concluded a contract for the use of great power. Simply put: you use a lot of magic - you lose yourself and turn into the spirit of the elemental.
This idea took a week! It took more time to optimize the geometry and solve the problem with the render (the first test was rendered for more than 8 hours), but I think it turned out great!

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A small detail of the skirt. All the same, I got what I wanted. :grin:

All! I’m done! Hooray!

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