Warlock Challenge - Real-Time Game Character - Final Submissions

Hey everyone,

After a lot of work, I am very happy to present my entry:

Rose, The Mild

Some close-ups:


Rose: 52065 Tris

Staff: 2036 Tris

Day vs. Night lighting:

Side and back views:

I used marmoset toolbag for the renders.

Texture Maps:

Two 4K sets.

Based on a drawing by Natalia, Her IG: https://www.instagram.com/nipunidraws/

Had a great time taking part in this challenge!

See you guys next time :slight_smile:



Instagram: @itayogev


My final submission.

“Luna The Sorceress”

Thanks to Flipped Normals it has been a pleasure for me to participate in this contest. It has been a challenge that has made me improve as a character artist in many ways. I’ve had moments of frustration and trouble but you never give up. I’m very happy with the result, I hope you like it.

98k tris with two 4k UV maps.
Software used: Zbrush, Maya, Substanc Painter, Marmoset.

Final Render:


Additional shots:


Texture Maps:

My Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/enricbagur


Hi everyone, this is my final submission. Thank you.

WIP Thread: [Warlock Challenge]-[Stone Warlock]

Heres my Final Submission to the Real Time Game Character - Warlock Challenge!
The character is inspired from Ajani Goldmane, a MTG Planeswalker, with my concept idea being this majestic being was corrupted by demonic magic, one taste making him fully embrace the life of a warlock. This is the third real time character i’ve put together using the Maya/Zbrush/Painter workflow since graduating from college!

I present to you “Curse of the Warlock Puppet”

My idea was to make a warlock who had turned his back on nature and assimilated magic infused limbs into his body until they corrupted and completely consumed him. As such my warlock is more a mass of limbs then a full body. In his stomach cavity I sculpted a tortured spirit crying in agony to show the torture his magic has brought on him because to my understanding a warlock is a witch who was cast away from their coven and is commonly associated with a more dark or demonic kind of magic. If you look closely each of his legs and underneath his torso there are glowing magic circles that are angled towards his spirit, forever binding him to the puppet. I felt like it was a nice touch to help sell the image I was trying to express

Have also attached a link to my artstation post if you want to see a turntable of my Warlock https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3o64lJ

I truly enjoyed the Challenge and will forever remember it as both my first art challenge and my first step towards reaching a childhood dream I’m fighting to make a reality. Do let me know what you think and thank you

Good luck everyone!


Hi this is my final submission for my character Dreadhowl.
Poly count: 46,523 rendered in Blender Eevee
WIP thread: [Warlock Challenge] - [Dreadhowl]

Final submission:

This my first time actually creating a character in 3D, I have much more to learn but this challenge have helped me immensely in understanding the concepts behind it. Huge thanks to the Flippednormals team for this opportunity to learn and hoping to participate in more challenges to come. I am simply blown away by the submissions from the others, great work and stay safe everyone. Cheers.

Hello Everyone!

Here is my final submission for the Warlock challenge. I really enjoyed working on this character (I just wish I had been able to start earlier). My original idea was a Forest Centaur Warlock who has become part of the forest over years due to his magic. He is a very powerful and wise warlock that harnesses the power of earth magic.

Thank you Flipped Normals for putting this contest on.


P.S. The Character ended up 98,207 Tris, just under the limit. Please judge the first image (without border) as my final beauty shot.

Hello there!

Here is my final submission for the Warlock Challenge!

Had fun doing this character. Really loved the theme for this challenge. I wanted to do warlock in Egytian style. The character is from my own concept and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Anyhow, it was fun project to work with and I learned a lot.

Rendered everything in Marmoset Toolbag 3

Character 56102
Ground 1536
Combined 57638

Software used: Zbrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and Marmoset.

Here is my characters Bio:

Omari - The High Born

A long time ago there lived a king who had more power and wealth than anyone. King Omari ruled with fear and tyranny and despised every living being. The only thing he worshipped was time. Only time could be stronger than any man and the king himself knew it.

Wealth and power did not make Omari immortal and he feared death more than anything. He feared running out of time. In desperation, the king began to look for a way to eternal life.

He commanded the whole kingdom to look for the solution and the one who would find it would be rewarded with an immeasurable amount of riches.

Years passed, and no solution was found. The king had already lost all of his hope as his own time drew close to its end. One day Death himself came to fetch the king with him. In desperation, Omari prayed for Death to save his life. The king would do anything to get more time.

Death knew a way to benefit them both, to give Omari more time to live and to ease his own load of work. Omari was the right kind of person to carry out the task. So he gave the king an hourglass. However, it was no ordinary measurer of time. It was an hourglass of time and blood, filled with black magic.

The king would gain more time to himself every time he sucks the vitality from the living people into the hourglass while taking their lives away from them. After devouring the whole kingdom he now wonders trough deserts, still desperately seeking living to gain more time.

Omari - The High Born

Wireframe Rend

Clay Rend


WIP Thread:

[Warlock Challenge] – [Omari The High Born]

My ArtStation : )


Love your piece and he vibe to it. Reminds me of the similar-looking dudes from Mad Max Fury Road - the ones in the swamps.

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Here’s my final submission for the challenge: Knell.

Sadly the past month got a bit hectic for me, so i didn’t have the time to finish him properly. Nevertheless, thank you Flipped Normals for the challenge! It was a lot of fun, even if i didn’t get the results i wanted.

Sculpting and retopology was done in Blender, texturing in Substance Painter and rendering in Marmoset. Tri count was 12 2180, and i used 4K textures.

I learned a lot while working on him, especially about where my weaknesses lie. I now have a much clearer idea of where i need to improve my workflow. I’ll be sure to join future challenges and hopefully do a bit better next time.

Good luck to all and stay safe!


Hello everyone! This is my final submission.

Everything made in Blender, and rendered in Eevee.

Final shots:

Neutral pose:


Texture overview:

High poly sculpt:

WIP Thread


I have finally finised hopefully in Time

heres my dude (sorry about the lack of posing rigging did not want to work)

He is the Warlock of Sinew and Bone, the Cannibal, the Blood Boiler, the Chef of Bone Hunter of Men and Eater of Beasts, Father of Mutants, The Artist of Skin all titles to befit a god amongst men
The idea is that he’s a giant ogre who’s obsessed with the collection of blood, primarily ‘pure blood’ blood not effected by the world and cleaned for purity this is his power to control the wastelands of his world and his rag tag warband of blood crazed marauders



UV 1 Albedo

UV1 AO, Metal,Rough

UV1 Normal

UV 2
UV2 Albedo

UV2 Ao Metal Rough Mix

UV 2 Normal



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This is my final Submission
Abdul Alhazred The Eldritch warlock


Other angles

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My final output for the challenge.

Malikus The Vain

  • 81,160 polys
  • 2 4k textures
  • rendered in eevee

Malikus the vain, a warlock who drowns himself in luxuries of all sorts.
His obsession stems from his miserable background of being an orphan.
Being a poor orphan who had nothing, the seed of envy and greed slowly grew from within him slowly corrupting his mind. He grew cynic and ill tempered, he’‘d start talking to himself out of nowhere and speaking to shadows, one might think he’d gone mad.
Kids in the orphanage thought of the weird boy as nothing more than a target for their cruel pranks. They never knew what was happening, what was about to begin.
Malikus was attractive to the dark forces, a pure soul corrupted and stained by hatred, envy and greed was something absolutely delectable to them after all. Every time ill emotions would fester in Malikus’ mind, the shadows would speak, coaxing him to the dark.
The day came when Malikus reached his breaking point, a simple question was asked that day, “What do you desire?” to Malikus the answer was obvious, though he never answered back, the shadows understood what he wanted long before they asked, they just wanted to reaffirm.
The following night the orphanage was burning, but there were no screams, no pleads for help, just the sound of the raging flames, breaking glass, and falling debris.
The day after the fire a few guards went to investigate the aftermath, they were surprised to find a boy siting safe and sound in a wide clearing in the middle of the burnt orphanage, he was simply waiting, observing, thinking. When the guards questioned him about the fire, all he said was “Everything”.

link to progress: [Warlock Challenge] – [Malikus The Vain]


WIP thread: [Warlock Challenge] – [Trystan]


“Trystan is a wandering warlock who constantly seeks formidable opponents to gain their power and souls. His ultimate goal is to make everyone fear him and acknowledge his powers.”

Thank you Flipped Normals for creating this challenge once again! I learned a lot and really tried to push my limits with this character.


So, this is my Warlock!
I really enjoyed working on this project, but I alsow had ha lot of struggles.
Nearly everything after sculpting was new for me!

I did my first retopo on this project:

I’ve work with substance for the first time:

I did a rigg for the first time… and it wasn’t too bad :smiley:

And at the end of a alle the treats and the joy a had, I’m happy that i got so far!
Here is my Warlock:

I’ll be way better next time!

Thanks c:


Missed the deadline, but here i go.

Final Polycounts: 39 181 Polys (character) 1078 (staff) 568 (grimoire)


Hello everyone! Hope in not to late. So this project was a pretty good experiment for me I did so many things that I have never did before and it was a lot fun to learn something new.I feel that I have learned a lot and super glad that I participated, there are so many other things that I would like to do for this character in a future. Hope you all do everything alright and have a good one.

Zbrush Sculpt

Lowpoly Trialngles 87,486

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Ahh looks awesome! But i was so looking forward to the blood tree :joy:

This is my final submission for the Flipped Normals Warlock Challenge - Real Time Game Character!

2 souls has been released by this foolish boy who tried to read the forbidden book in order to try to become the strongest warlock.
Sadly he wasn’t strong enough and he lost his mind, now he will be cursed forever, condemned to a blind life of chaos and relentless power, driven and manipulated by the twin souls Urbi and Torbi.

tris: 80.032

uv: 2 sets 4096x4096

uv set 01:

uv set 02:

concept by Sofia Dissegna:


To finalize, i know im late but is still worth to share, many thanks to Flipped Normal for this really inspiring challenge, full of awesome works and beautifull people! :smiley: