[Warlock Challenge] - [V]

Hello everyone, this is my entry for the Warlock Challenge! :smiley:

I’ll be using this concept, created by myself:

And here’s my first WIP. Starting with a head sculpt:

For this project, my idea was to create a young warlock. Instead of wands or books, he uses a gauntlet to conjure spells. I’m going for a stylized look and I’ll probably be making some changes in the design as I go during the initial stages.

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Basic blockout done for the body!


I’m pretty much done sculpting and detailing the highpoly mesh. Proceeding to do retopology next!


good job so far man!

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Thanks! :smiley:

Retopology took me longer than I thought it would :confused: I’m currently unwrapping the UVs and soon will start baking

Also here’s a close up shot of the character’s gauntlet

Hmm…This could definitely use some more polishing. Hopefully I can make it more “interesting” the texturing phase :thinking:


Started texturing!

3 days left until the challenge ends. I don’t think I’ll be able to make something half as decent as I wanted to, but whatever… :joy: I’ll do my best to push the quality within the time frame.

Anxiety levels rising as the deadline approaches :dizzy_face:

Wishing good luck to everyone finishing their characters! :laughing:


Awesome Character!!! You can do it!! :grinning:

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@UnkindledSnow Thanks man! :muscle:

Looks really Cool Dude :slight_smile:

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@ivin Thank you!! :sob:

And I’m done! Congratulations to everyone who finished in time too :smiley:

Final Submission Thread

I think I started the texturing process way too late and even though I tried to squeeze every single minute until moments before the deadline, it didn’t turn out quite well. I rushed a lot and there were sooo many things I wish I’d done better. The submission feels somewhat incomplete and I’m not really happy about it honestly :persevere:

On a positive note, I’m pretty satisfied with the amount of effort in learning I put in order to make this. Challenges like these are great for pushing ourselves and I’m really grateful for the opportunity. Thank you FN staff! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I completely failed to upload on Sketchfab in time (shame on me :sweat_smile:), so I’ll just put a link to it in this thread:

warlock by Felipe G. on Sketchfab

The final character has 22.4k tris total, and I went for a PBR stylized-ish look with 2x4k texture sets.
From sculpting to texturing, everything was pretty much made in Blender. Rendered in the realtime engine Eevee.

May I be forgiven by the gods of character artistry for solely utilizing Blender for this project, and also for using my own concept :pensive: