[Warlock Challenge] – [Trystan]


Hi, I have spent last 2 weeks figuring out out the character design. I wanted to improve my character design skills and understanding, so I decided to create the concept myself. I wanted the design to have some Japanese vibes. Here is where I got so far, after many attempts I think I finally created clear enough blueprint for my Warlock!
I still need to figure out the staff, and the overall design could change a bit when I start creating it in 3D, if I see ways to improve it. Next step is going to be sculpting the base mesh, finally!


Tried to do a funny gif on the sculpting progress, ended up deleting the history accidentally so all I have now are these random screenshots from the progress. I sculpted everything from scratch for practice and since I don’t have base mesh suitable for this.

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Some sculpting progress on the base mesh

Finished sculpting the base mesh, next I’m going to block the clothing and accessories.

My current progression with the clothing:

I have never done this detailed clothing or character so this takes some time for me. Upper body almost finished. Using Marvelous Designer, Blender and Zbrush together.


Clothes finally ready. Next I will make shoes, belt and other missing parts of the outfit!


Love this buddy, looking great! Looking forward to seeing the complete piece! All the best!

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I can really feel this dude. Really great concept. Was also thinking that way, but started over with more “fantasy” inclined stuff. Really looking forward to see the progressions

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Thank you for the kind comments!

Here is some progression:

Slowly but surely, some parts still need some detailing but the next update is hopefully going to be retopo!

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Finished finally retopoing this guy. Next I’ll have to do the hair cards!

First test render with baked maps. This is really going to be challenging to finish this on time but I’m gonna try my best!

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Finished texturing, just hair and final pose left!