[Warlock Challenge] – [Trystan]


Hi, I have spent last 2 weeks figuring out out the character design. I wanted to improve my character design skills and understanding, so I decided to create the concept myself. I wanted the design to have some Japanese vibes. Here is where I got so far, after many attempts I think I finally created clear enough blueprint for my Warlock!
I still need to figure out the staff, and the overall design could change a bit when I start creating it in 3D, if I see ways to improve it. Next step is going to be sculpting the base mesh, finally!


Tried to do a funny gif on the sculpting progress, ended up deleting the history accidentally so all I have now are these random screenshots from the progress. I sculpted everything from scratch for practice and since I don’t have base mesh suitable for this.

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Some sculpting progress on the base mesh

Finished sculpting the base mesh, next I’m going to block the clothing and accessories.