Rules for the Halloween Challenge 2023 challenge

Horror Challenge
October 16 2023 - November 22 2023 - CHALLENGE HAS ENDED

When does the challenge end?

Challenge Countdown:
Due to a mistake on our end, there were issues with the countdown timer.
Because of that, we’re extending the challenge by an additional 2 days and the final deadline will now be Wednesday, November 22 at 11.59 pm UTC

We at FlippedNormals are excited to announce our Horror-themed Challenge, a spine-tingling departure from our usual themes. It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a challenge, and this time, we’re unleashing the horror within.

Challenge Prizes:

  • :1st_place_medal:First Place: $1,000 + 5 FlippedNormals Exclusives of your choice*
  • :2nd_place_medal:Second Place: $500 + 3 FlippedNormals Exclusives of your choice*
  • :3rd_place_medal:Third Place: $250 + 1 FlippedNormals Exclusive of your choice*
  • :medal_military:Honorable mention: 1 FlippedNormals Exclusive of your choice*

Applies to all FlippedNormals exclusives except for bundles. Also applies to commercial licenses when product is not a tutorial

You must have a valid bank or PayPal account in order to receive your prize money

The challenge is inspired by the dark and eerie world of horror, a genre that has fascinated and frightened us for generations.

Do you dare to envision your favorite horror characters or creatures in a new, terrifying light?

You have a approximately 1 month to bring your nightmarish creations to life, starting from October 16th to November 22th. The results will be revealed on November 23rd.

Suggestions for Horror Themes:

  • Frankenstein’s monster
  • Dracula
  • Werewolves
  • The Mummy
  • Zombies
  • Vampires
  • Ghosts and Phantoms
  • Witches and Warlocks
  • Demons and Possession
  • Serial Killers
  • Lovecraftian Horrors
  • Supernatural Beings


Create one fully rendered 3D character with no paintovers. You decide if you want to create a real-time character or a character aimed at VFX. There are no limits on polycount, texture resolution etc.

One final image - along with front, side, back views, as well as wireframes. You will also need to show the final textures created for your character.

Final Submission

  • 1 final render of your character - 1,920px+ on the longest edge.
  • Front, side and back views of your character - 1,920px+ on the longest edge.
  • Wireframe shots and a texture overview + any additional renders you wish to include
  • Share your final submission in the Final Submissions Thread.
  • A minimum of 3 Work in progress images to show your journey from start to finish
  • (Optional) Include the final character in an online viewer, such as Sketchfab or Marmoset Viewer.


  • Utilize any modeling and texturing software of your choice.
  • Character must the created specifically for this challenge
  • Create one 3D character with no paintovers. You can render the character in any engine or software you prefer.
  • You are allowed to use a basemesh to start your character
  • Final 3D assets such as pre-made trees, columns, clothes and weapons are not allowed.
  • While paintovers on your character are not allowed, you can apply final grading. Any additional elements like background or foreground objects, such as fog, shadows, or eerie atmospheric effects, must be incorporated into the final 3D scene.
  • Maintain an active Work-in-Progress (WIP) thread to document your progress.
  • No AI usage allowed

Judging Criteria:

Your work will be evaluated based on several criteria:

  • Technical execution and the final aesthetic of the image.
  • Creativity and originality of your idea.
  • Your ability to narrate a story through your character.
  • The emotional impact your character exudes, considering presentation, backstory, and unique characteristics.

The horror theme offers an opportunity for creativity, vivid imagination, and chilling narratives. Make the most of it and craft something unforgettable.

Feedback and Sharing:

We encourage a thriving and supportive community. Share your work, give feedback, and help each other evolve as artists.

To share your WIP and final submission, create an account on our challenge page HERE. Navigate to our challenge, create a single thread to post your updates, and interact with others.

When sharing on social media, use the following:

  • Add the hashtag #HorrorChallengeFN
  • Tag @flippednormals

Winners: We will select the winners at the end of the challenge. This challenge aims to encourage learning, growth, and creative thinking, so the winners will be chosen based on their demonstrated growth and potential.

You must have a valid bank or PayPal account in order to receive your prize money

If you find it challenging to complete the challenge within the given time frame, be sure to showcase your end result, and you might still earn an honorable mention!

We will feature your entries throughout the challenge on our social media platforms, so remember to tag us in your posts.

Dare to delve into the depths of horror, and may the most terrifying creation win! Good luck! :smiling_imp::ghost:


-I have 2 questions, can Italians also participate in this challenge? Because on Artstation it is not allowed due to state policies.
-Does the 3D character have to be completely modeled and designed from scratch, or can it be inspired by someone else’s 2D concept?

Thank you,

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Hi PixeL,

  • Italians are free to participate :slight_smile: all you need is a valid PayPal account to receive your cash prize in case you win.
  • You’re free to use someone else’s 2D concept as long as you have permission from the artist to use their concept for the purpose of this challenge.

Hope this answers your questions!


Hello. Horror challenge I had a question. In the written rules, characters for vfx or game are both acceptable, but in the rendering description, it is written that it must be real-time, while well, vfx is not always real-time! Sometimes rendering software such as Maya or Blender is used. They are used for vfx. My specialty is making VFX characters and I use BLENDER for rendering. Can I participate with BLENDER?

Almost none of the vfx characters I saw were real time. All were rendered in software such as Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D


This will be my first Flipped Normals challenge, can’t wait! ^.^

I have 1 question though.

    • Character must the created specifically for this challenge
      Does this mean I have to start from a sphere or is it ok to use a generic basemesh?

-Thank you!

I have a question, since my character is for vfx, can I render it in arnold?

Welcome to the challenge! You’re allowed to use a generic basemesh :slight_smile:

What “Character must the created specifically for this challenge” means is that you can’t use or repurpose a character you’ve already started working on for a different project.


Absolutely! You are free to render in whatever engine or software you prefer.

Hi Morteza,

This was worded confusingly in the description and we’ve now corrected it. You are free to render the character in any engine or software you prefer :slight_smile: there are no restrictions here!


Hi I have a question regarding AI. This might be a tricky one.

As I am also generally in full support of delegating artis roles to artists and not letting AI take over all of that. That being said, I sometimes use Midjourney as Inspiration if I’m unsure what character I want to do next.
I am a Character artist primarily, not a concept artist, so is it allowed to use AI to make a concept for myself?
Is it okay to just get ideas from AI?
Do I need to redraw a concept from the inspo from AI?
I like to be transparent in the entire process of character creation, that’s why I am asking all of this.
Hope you can help :slight_smile:

Hi, me again.
I actually have another question:
To what extent are secondary assets and tools allowed to be used?
Basemesh are good I know, but where is the line? Can I use a highly detailed teeth set for monsters for example, or other parts of the character that were premade, even if I change them completely?
Can I use a skin material in substance and so on?
What exactly are your rules regarding that?
Thank you!


Hi, i have a question, in the rules is said “Create one 3D character”, but i wonder if i could make make two characters interacting, would be a vampire interacting with his prey.
Thank you!

Hi. Im new to Flipped normals. How do I create a new topic for my posts? Thank You.

Unfortunately we can’t allow any content generated by AI

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Head back here

Then press New Topic (Purple button on the right)

As long as the base asset is just a base for what you create. Let’s say you take a set of pre-made teeth, you detail them up and make them into monster teeth.
Skin material, again, change the base material from the original.

Sure! This is absolutely fine to do :slight_smile:

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Hello, I was wondering; when setting up the scene is it okay to use assets from botaniq for trees, grass, shrubs, rocks etc? Basically ready made foliage, rocks etc? :thinking:

I have questions about the rules. First question: Is there a poly cap? And the second one: Are there any limits on UVs?

From the rules:

That goes for UV’s as well, no limits :slight_smile:

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