Rules for the Halloween Challenge 2023 challenge

okej, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there :slight_smile: No pre-made or final 3D assets are allowed. You are allowed to use basemeshes, but no final assets.

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Hi there, I have some questions regarding the presentation/file delivery. I post my development, my process, my ideas by writing a topic and updating it as i get further in the project. But its mentioned that u get extra points for creativity and creating a narrative through the character.

My question is, I have written some lore for my character, do I post that narrative and that creative journey in the topic thread? Like, do the topic threads count for the “evaluation” or do i send it in my final submission with the renders. Thank u :slight_smile:

Welcome to the challenge!

We’ll be judging the narrative of your character through your visuals only. You’re of course free to post the lore you’ve written, but it will not count towards the evaluation. We’re looking for visual storytelling in your piece, and will judge based on the images you submit in the “final submissions” thread, not based on what you post in your w.i.p/topic thread :slight_smile:

We still highly encourage you to post frequently in the w.i.p/topic thread though, as we’re following everyone’s progress and ideas.

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Hello, I’m not sure about one thing - do I have to create whole character with one set of UVs or can I make a bust and use UDIMs?

Thank you in advance,

I have a question. In the judging criteria, one of them is the “Technical execution”. Does that mean something like the tris count, how clean the topology is, how good the uv mapping is, and all that math stuff?

Yes exactly. It’s how well you execute the task from a technical standpoint so it also includes things like techniques used for sculpting, how your final shaders look, how well your lights are set up etc. :slight_smile:

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Are Blender hair curves or XGen hair okay, or does it need to be modeled or sculpted hair only?

Thank you!

how to submit is it with rar or what because it tell me a new user cant upload more than 1 image

So sorry for the late reply! You have to create a whole character but are free to use UDIMs :slight_smile:

Blender hair curves and XGen hair is totally fine! You can use whatever techniques you prefer here.

Try to submit your first post with just 1 image. Then you should be able to post more updates in that same thread which aren’t limited to just 1 image.

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Great! Thank you so much.

No problem at all, thank you! :smiley:

I have question please. Can we use decimated model or we have to retopo it? Because I will not animate it. :thinking::pray:

Hello, I have a question. Does the ‘1 final render of your character’ requirement mean the character needs to be full-body view, or is some cropping still acceptable? Because the front, side and back view are the full character view. Thank you.

You guessed it! Another question. What’s the exact time for the deadline? I mean the timezone…


You can use a decimated model no problem :slight_smile:

We’re expecting you to create a full character and show some images of the whole character, but in your final beauty render you can crop it and use whatever composition you like :slight_smile:

The deadline is on November 20th at 11:59PM UTC. You’ll see a countdown at the top of the rules post and also at the top of the final submissions post :slight_smile:

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