[Warlock Challenge] – [ZIGUROTH]

Hey, y’all!

I’m Eduardo, 36yo, pretty new to 3D and this is my first challenge, so please bear with me. I found out about the challenge last week, but I’m here for the kicks and your priceless feedback. As it seems, most of you are way out of my league, so I expect to learn a lot from all :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

I’ve been fiddling around with techniques I don’t know (hair cards and such) and it took me a while to realize they wouldn’t do with this project. I also sculpted different styles of fur/hair before opting for this more minimalist direction. To be honest, between hair cards and different fur sculpts, it took me the most part of the current and previous week. I’m pretty comfortable with the direction it’s taking now.

Happy to be here. I’ll be posting again soon.

before hair

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one (in four) of the hair studies

last night’s progress with the hair

current progress

So this is where I’m at. I’m pretty much done with basic blocking and went ahead and started doing some details. I’ll move on to retopology before applying details all over.

I’m particularly happy with the addition of the caldron. I believe that this executive decision/late-night-epiphany really brought some edge to a quite modest model.


Hey, people :slight_smile:

here’s a follow up on the creation process. I think I’m pretty much done with detailing, and I’m now ready for UVing and texturing. Lemme know what you think, please.



Here’s a another follow up :slight_smile:
started trying out textures and lighting.

here’s the result so far