Warlock Challenge - Environment Design - Final Submissions

This is the Final Submissions thread for the category Environment Design.

You will only be allowed 1 submission in this thread. When you feel like you’ve pushed yourself as far as you can and there’s nothing else to do, post it here.

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Final Submission

  • 1 final image of your environment - 1,920px+ on the longest edge.
  • An image or images of at least 3 hero pieces you feel embodies the world you’ve created - 1,920px+ on the longest edge.
  • (Optional) Work in progress images to show your journey from start to finish

We’re really excited to see what you come up with for your final entry :smiley:
Good luck!


This is my final submission! Final render and some breakdown shots! :slight_smile:

Hero Objects - Mausoleum / Angry Nature Spirit / Ground Tiles

Final Render:

Close Up:

Hero Props:

Breakdown Renders:

For HD renders feel free to visit my Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EVr2qK


This is my final render with some zoomed in shots of the other objects.

Hero Objects: Warlock House, Potion Dispenser, Runic Stones


Loving those floating rocks!

These are my final images for the challenge. It was really fun and I learned a lot in the process of making the project. All my renders were done inside Unreal Engine with the screenshot tool with built in post-process like the vignette effect. I made a video of the real-time scene , so you can check it out as a bonus.Thank you FlippedNormals for organizing everything.
This is my final render:

The first hero asset - The book of souls , which may eat a victim’s soul if commanded to.

The second one - is the warlock’s weapon of choice for dismembering his subjects.

And finally - two shots of the warlock himself shrouded under his dark veil.

Bonus: Video with ravaged quality by Youtube…


These are my final images.
The challenge was a lot of fun. I hope there are more in the future.

Final Image

Hero piece: Statue of the being that is being summoned

Hero piece: Tentacle of the summoned being

Hero piece: Crystal of power


This is my final submission for the warlock challenge!
Final render and renders of my heroe pieces: Alchemy station/fireplace, Chair, dagger & chalice.

The story behind the ritual room
This room was supposed to convey that the room belonged to a warlock. He uses it to perform his rituals and spells. The scene shows that the warlock performed a ritual which unfortunately went wrong. You can see that the ritual was performed not long ago by the still flickering candles and the still warm blood sucked up into the wooden floor.
The room is full of contrasts, which should also reflect the mood of the picture. On one side you can see the comofortable furnishing with the upholstered chair, the fireplace, the warm candlelight. It seems as if one could feel comfortable in this room. On the other side objects like a dagger, a chalice, blood etc. show a rather gloomy atmosphere with the suspicion of ritual practice. Also strongly visible is the god symbol in the middle of the room, which plays a leading role in the picture. This symbol is very similar to a pentagram and is covered with a lot of blood and scratches. A soft red light is visible in the middle of the symbol. This is a gate to another world. The warlock was drawn into this world during his ritual. Therefore the room is now empty, only the furnishings and the ritual objects remain. Through the detailed objects the viewer can roughly guess and understand what the warlock tried to do. In the end, the feeling remains open whether the warlock will ever come back again.
Remarks on inspiration from space:

-Living room - is supposed to show that Warlock is also just a human being - this is
especially visible in the chaotic room, many objects that have nothing to do with rituals
(apple, poster, mess etc.)

-Showing that opposites can harmonize:
Good feeling and bad action,
Comfortable room at the same time dangerous

This challenge was very nice and the feeling after it is done is pretty amazing. :upside_down_face:
Final Image:

Hero pieces:


I made a small environment piece based on a travelling Alchemy table that could be carried on a cart or horse, it includes a potion crafting stand with a mortar and pestle, and some crystals to recharge the Staff.I wanted to create this in an Unreal scene but was having too many issues but I had fun creating this piece too make it look like it’s seen some rough adventures.

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Here’s my final submission for the Warlock Environment Challenge!

I wanted to have a good focus on atmosphere, and so a great sense of depth within the scene. The narrative was based upon the idea of a warlock using an immense amount of power to summon an other-worldly creature, but in turn it has transported his ‘Summoning room/Dungeon’ into an endless void, and has splintered his room into pieces that are suspended in the air.

Final Piece:

Hero Piece 1:

Hero Piece 2:

Hero Piece 3:

I’m really happy with how this turned out. I joined this challenge with roughly two weeks left until submission, so it was a test to see how well I could produce assets and put them through the pipeline to assemble a final scene with such short time.


The rings contain the knowledge of a hundred thousand books.

Only a few can read it.

This is my final submission to the challenge. It’s been a blast. Opened UE4 for the first time 6 weeks ago and hated it at first, now I kinda like working in engine. Learned a ton of optimization & material creation tricks.

Majority of texturing was done with a single 2K trimsheet.

Also a short and sweet video for good measure:


wow! Your first time in UE4 and you even animated the scene! Just amazing

You better win Hahahha! This is super cool!! Love how you optimized most of the scene to a single 2k trim! It really feels like you used a lot more maps / textures for this piece :slight_smile: Don’t see a lot of repeating patterns everywhere, and also the way you shot the film makes it really feel alive :slight_smile: Great job!

Warlock Library

This is my final submission! I’m very glad that I’ve participated in this challenge! Had fun and learned a lot.

Good luck to everyone!

PS. Unfortunately had no time to render the final image in 4K so FullHD for now.

!Posting this 4K final render after the deadline of the submission!
This is the exact same image that I’ve posted on time but with 4K resolution, so you can see the image as I intended it ( see original final render below).

Final image:


Floating bookshelves:


Gray Mtl:


This turned out amazing! So well done! :slight_smile:

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I haven’t been able finish it in time, so i thought I’d might as well submit what I have, even if it’s not much.
Everyones submissions look amazing, you all deserve to win :smile:

Whole Scene (redesign of block out)

1st Hero Prop: Experimenting Table (Not Textured yet)

This is my final submission. I’m happy that I was able to get used to using Megascan, which was my goal this time:)
I built the mood, and the mood, with a fixed UE4 camera!

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