The King of Ireland's Son

Round two! I didn’t get to finish my Warlock Challenge entry so I’m determined this time around. I was already planning on doing a sculpt based on The King of Ireland’s Son, so when I saw that fairytales were the theme for this challenge I jumped on it. I’m doodling between a couple of concepts but I’m really feeling a near-future combined with fantasy aesthetic of something like Overwatch, while pulling for the color palette and pattern of the book paintings and ancient Irish symbolism. Lastly, I’m looking at Disney’s animated characters for some appeal inspiration.
I’m gathering reference and creating early concepts before I hop into ZBrush, here’s what I’ve got so far:


Concept work! I didn’t want to tie anything down just yet but I wanted to get a feel for what I want to do in ZBrush. With my basic ideas on the page, I’m gonna experiment with color blackouts and gather material references before heading into ZBrush!


This looks so cool! I’m excited to see where this goes… Good luck! :smiley:

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Beginning the sculpting work! Just creating a basic body to start. Once I have the proportions where I want them, I’ll start stylizing the forms and adding on clothing and armor as I flesh out the rest of the body.

Continued sculpting work after wrapping up a graphic design commission, slowly twiddling down my number of projects so I can focus more on this!

Slowly getting the base forms to where I want them. He’s gonna be wearing clothing, but in the original illustrations, his outfit is fairly tight-fitting. Regardless of the costume updates I’m planning, I want to create a really solid base form that I’ll build the rest of the character on.


More progress! He is also less superhero-proportioned now. Still struggling to get the “boyish” look to his face, I gotta play with the shapes more to get his proportions right.

Progress since last post, continued refinement on the face and beginnings of hair! I’ve also completed the body blockout and used it as reference for refining the costume.

Hair without the hair

Finally back! I have more time this month to dedicate to this which I’m happy about. Blocking out the outfit:

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I’ve been meaning to create my own base body mesh for a while and decided now was the time! I’ll be importing this topology into ZBrush and fitting it to the body for the low poly as well as serving as the base for making the clothing topology now that it’s been blocked out.

lots of progress on the high poly! Got some great feedback that helped a lot, both on the sculpt and on the expanded reference sheet!

More work from today, got another round of much-needed feedback that helped address some of the problems I was having with his face. Additionally some improvements to his overall silhouette

Small details, shoulder pad improvements, and shoes!

Knife! And shinguards! And straps!

Retop time! Having already created the base geometry, retoping is more about just shaping that geo to the existing mesh rather than needing to do any retoping from scratch, at least for the main body stuff

More retopology progress! I got excited and tossed the model into Mixamo and was really happy with the results. Back to retoping!

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Retop and UVs complete! On to Substance to paint him up

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One tumultuous day of baking, bugfixing, rebaking, crashing Substance Painter, rebaking later, first pass on the textures complete!

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Day 2 of texturing complete!