Persian Fairytale folklore Character


Hello Flippednormals ! Since it’s never too late and I just entered this community I’m going to enter this challenge by trying to reimagine one of my favorite folklore characters called “Samak” (Samak-e Ayyar). Since I have a Persian background myself I decided to introduce him to people. The story of Samak is a story of kings and witches and lovers that has been around since the 12th century and recently has been published and translated to different languages too.
Samak character is the kind of hero that isn’t all muscle! Therefore he usually tries to solve problems in strategic ways and he is a fan of all kinds of gadgets and potions that might be useful through his journey.
For now, I handled my base mesh and some initial reference photos to begin work on. Will continue and post updates here. Thanks everyone!


Well, It seems that I finally figured out the closest design to my final concept, I just need to put some patterns on the clothing so that it could resemble the Persian origins (there is some on the waist bag and of course the knife) I may design the patterns in Substance Design or Zbrush.

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My Cloth blockout

Alright, I’ve been working on clothes for some time now. I hope that I can get the hair and the face and the upper body cloths and the texturing done in time :smile:
I almost finished the lower part accessories and boots and also the topology is pretty good too. I had to retopo a few things manually but the rest works fine with the zremesher I guess, Also I don’t like to make things complicated so I will be adding hair by fibermesh cards and I’m gonna texture them in Substance. I’m not gonna do a lot of highpoly in zbrush since I have to manage the time I think substance will handle just fine.

Also decided to add a few more things to the original concept, a lantern and a simple notebook which is going to have a story for the character (no a lot of weapons since it doesn’t fit his story).

Also I still have to add the rope, which I’m not sure of it working. Maybe I’ll remove it to avoid making the character messy so the audience’s eyes could rest better.
I like this kind of design for the lantern (shouldn’t be too much modern I guess!)

Okay, poly painting for upper clothes and also made a prototype for the lantern.
I just love sculpting wrinkles and folds, could do it for months… but almost out of time :smile:


Since this is a contest I decided to experiment a lot, and the face is still not in the final shape. Cloths and overall expression mattered to me more for this one. I will be working on the face more and the hair when the cloths are done.

I put the main shapes of the lantern together inside Cinema4d and just brought them in zbrush and made a boolean, fast and efficient.

Almost Finished the mesh and the hair cards. only some facial tweaking is needed. Going for texturing.

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Wow you fast! Cool clothes, curious how your textures would look

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My final submission, I’m not happy with it but it was fun (I’m happy with the contest :grinning: :grinning:, Learned a lot from the other participants)

this one I think is rendered in the cycle, the first on was in EEvEE

I really rushed a lot of this but still had the fun, gonna work a lot more on this later.