Horror Challenge 2023 - Blood Sun : Prometheus

Decided to take up this oppotunity and finally sculpt this character!

Im also late to this competition because I was on my honeymoon :sweat_smile:

Enjoy my progress…


Super cool concept! Hope you had a great honeymoon and welcome to the challenge :smiley:

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Managed to get a decent start on the head/skull last night :slight_smile:


More wip.

Blocked out a body and satarting adding secondary forms over the whole body to help match the concept/silhoutte.

still not sure if I will finish this piece in time :sweat_smile:


More work on this today…


This is looking SO good!! I love how you’ve sculpted the liquid effect and your general shape language is just on point :slight_smile: Your piece is one of my personal favs at this point in the competition.

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Thanks! I would hate to let you down on not completing it now :sweat_smile:

I know it’s a WIP, but I love the grey scale look on this one. Looks very much like a comic book rendering. You might consider keeping the very dramatic look by not colorizing. Nice work!

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Thanks, I might be able to get some nice grey renders in the end.

Update on model, still on the HP.
And adding colors to break up mesh.


Still chipping away, hopefully finish the HP today or tomorrow…

Moved some proportions around to match the concept more.


Going forward I think Im happy to just finish the High poly for the challenge and apply a nice grey/simple material shader for the final render.

The concept does not show any legs some I had to improvise and add some to complete the character.

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Some incredible sculpting going on in this piece :slight_smile: I’m sad to hear we might not get to see it completely finished with textures and everything. Regardless, remember to post your final result in the final submissions thread before the deadline has passed!

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Final renders

What im happy with:
The amount of work I did with the time I had :joy:

Things im not happy with:
The amount of work I did with the time I had :joy:

In the end I rushed this character and had to make some decision in the final renders for the best result. There are no renders of the back due to time constraints.

This is a High poly sculpt renderded in Keyshot.

Thanks for sticking around :sweat_smile: