Fairy Tales Challenge: The Pied Piper in Dieselpunk Style

Hello guys,

I’m here to share my idea and first steps to my project. My idea is to make ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ in the dieselpunk universe. The character in this world has the skill to play his pipe mechanically and has the power to enchant animals, machines to humans. And he used to say “if you don’t pay the deal my song will be the last thing you heard”.

I started searching some refer images to help me to create a visual style for this character.

Then I did the character blocking to get the basic shapes.


With the basic model I created a simple concept to guide my project.


I made the clothes blocking


Loving it !! That’s why my friends are the best. They are joining the challenge with me :heart:


Updating here, I’m working on the retopology from the face and hands.

Later I worked on the clothes. Made some tests. First test here.

I don’t liked this version, so I worked in another version.

Now I’m working to create some details on the clothes.

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Finishing the mechanical arm

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Started the texturing, made the face texture.
I’m using Armor Paint to texturing.

Later made the clothes texturing

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Now the texturing of mechanical part

The views

Using Mixamo to rig and test some animations

One dance just, why not :laughing:

Creating a scene


I imported the character to Unity to make some tests