Captain Hook, Space Pirate!

My idea for the fairy tale challenge is to create a gritty cyborg version of Captain Hook. Now that I have an idea, it’s time to start drafting and imagining him with Zbrush’s Sculptris tools. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I’m off to a slow start for my first day. After suffering my day job and getting sucked into WandaVision for four hours, I was still able to get a solid hour of work in. Starting from a sphere, with sculptris, I’ve sketched out a torso.

I plan on making Hook thin and lanky. But to start with and to lay out the proper structure, he may be a bit beefed out to start with.!

Still plotting out the basic elements for anatomy. Once I get more of his form in place I’ll be able to make better decisions about his shape.

I imagine him to be tall and lanky, but with good posture and broad shoulders, perhaps of noble origin, with a domineering or condescending stance and a downward gaze.

A bit more progress before the day ends. Tomorrow I’ll work on more refinement of the legs and feet.

My progress over the weekend. Even though he will be wearing a lot of clothing, I want to have a good idea of the overall shape of the character underneath. I imagine Hook here to be in his late 40’s or early 50’s, though a bit more worn out, yet still tough as hell and physically formidable for his age.

Now that the underlying form is complete, I’ve split off his head to begin detailing the forms.

I’ve decided to push his age a bit more, perhaps late 50’s or early 60’s. I think it will add more visual interest to the features of the final image I have in my head for the piece.

I still have to add some detail to the ears, but I’m not too worried about the back half of the head overall (he’ll have a hat and a lot of hair). I’m also not going to get too crazy with the wrinkles; those will be added in Mari during the texturing process.


This is looking so good! Keep going! :heart_eyes:

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thanks very much for the compliment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I plan to pace myself and enjoy the process.

I build the basis for the hat in Blender, and go through a lot of remeshing and shaping in Zbrush. I plan to give the hat a fancy scifi angle, but for now, I just want to get the basic elements in place. Next I’ll start filling out the other pieces of his outfit.

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Since most of the Captain’s detail will be his coat, I focus on that first. I plan to use Zbrush’s cloth sim tools and a little sculpting for this. I’ve found it to be very strong iteratively for doing clothing.

I’m still in the process of concepting Mr. Hook. Still a ways to go!

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I’ve gotten some hair into the design, shrunk his head a bit and increased the size of his hat. I’ve also given more attention to his hook arm design. Still in the concept stage; next I’ll figure out some pants and boots for Mr. Hook.

Hair will be textured using XGen and carded in Blender. But this rough base will help me approximate his final look for the sculpting stage.


Most of the basic design elements are in place now. I need to give him a pair of muskets and a sword on his left side. Other than that, I’m thinking about straightening the right hand and giving it a straighter, stronger pose.

The basic concept is complete. Time for detailing!


I also went pirate. Man I hope mine comes out as good as this is looking. Great work so far! I’m impressed you went for the “all in” approach and modeled everything using sculptris instead of modifying a basic male mesh. A true warrior!

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this is going nicely so far

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Thanks guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I want Mr. Hook to be amazing. I’m giving it my best.

After some consideration, I felt that the scifi angle wasn’t emphasized enough. So I decided to add some features to the side of his face and a shoulder-mounted cannon to the mix. (I still don’t like covering his eyes… I may go back and carve that back out).

It seemed like a good place to start to detail his cannon, since that will be sprouting from a groove in his coat, and the folds should go around it.

All my hard surface will be entirely in Zbrush; I’m very comfortable with Zbrush’s tools for this. I enjoy soft round curves and forms in my hard surface designs. Further detail (screwports, ect.) will be done at the texture level.

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Hmmmm I am getting some really cool ideas for the weapon scale/placement…

This is a very impressive character concept its subtle and reads well, kind of reminds me of Treasure planet I’m interested in seeing how this one turns out.

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I’m building out his shoulderpad to be a track for the gun to slide over. I’ll work on making
it much more functional in the near future. Next I’m going to fill out the details of his arm and get them well-defined. I’m anxious to get to his coat, but the arm has to come first.