[WIP] Harvesting Mana (Warlock Challenge)

Apologies to anyone reading, not much to show but will keep this updating.

Initially I was just recreating a warcraft asset but I’m going to focus more on a more original scene involving the tree.

Had a fun idea while sculpting to turn the tree into a dead ent which led me to the idea of a warlock harvesting the tree creature for mana to create potions.

Would love to hear any constructive feedback on what could be improved (once I actually start posting WIP’s).


Looking very promising :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m doing a horrible job on the progress let alone updating this WIP.

Pretty much done with most of the sculpting all the assets.

Reference Sheet

My initial idea but I realized I was biting off more than I could chew and made the mistake of spending way too much time on other assets like the boat. Painful lesson in time management.

My final assets (mostly) finished sculpt, time to send to painter!

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Really hoping you can finish this in time - it’s looking great and we’d love to have you in the final lineup :slight_smile: