WarLock_Real Time (Warrior WarLock )

Hi guys. finally i have started texturing my character this is just a starting point guys not finalized. a lot to do :slight_smile:


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Hi guys
I have started texturing the character still a long way to go. looking foreword for feedback


Hi guys
recently i was working on texturing on the character. hand painting the textures on the designs was time taking but rewarding :slight_smile:. after that i was experimenting a bit on the metal parts with different colors and different roughness and metallic values . still lot to do :relaxed:

This is texturing so far

texturing passes so far

These are not any render just some screen grabs from substance painter view port .will add the cape after i complete the main body texturing

Thanks Guys


I just love everything that’s red)) And maps look perfectly clean. I could’ve suggest adding some dark purple as a secondary color for the “bloody” spots or/and SSS. Also try amber-yellow eyes - might’ve compliment the red, coz green are too contrasty. One more thing in my mind: maybe metal could be more copper-like, or lightly rusted/weathered, not breaking the transitions being too shiny. Those are just my subjective thoughts. Awesome progress with the model :call_me_hand:

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so cool so far!

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Thanks mate @aforalegria i will definitely work on the observations :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Buddy @itayogev

i have added the cape and textured it



The cape actually adds a lot. Kinda upping his rank as well)) I just love the way fabric drapes and spreads across the floor

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Thanks Buddy @aforalegria it means a lot :relaxed:

Finally Some test Renders in marmoset tool bag. its not the final set up. just exploring the lighting setup. i would love to hear what u guys think and. it will be great if anyone can give me some tips for lighting as i am a first time user :slight_smile:


The light on the last picture is very dramatic, and nicely angled. And the bony/metal surface texture looks very cool!
As for marmoset, you might want to watch this guy explaining https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyBvfsJjuQc
Was helpful to me being first time user as well)

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Thanks Buddy :slight_smile:

This is looking great.

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Thanks Bro

Hi guys just Adding some silly experimentation with the character :smiley:

Hi Guys oi added some effects to the character model to get the feel of his powers
soon i will be submitting the character for the final thread

I would love to get some feedback guys

Thanks :slight_smile:


That really adds to the whole impression! Blue is more for my liking, but I’d try to lower the “peaking” height, to achieve more readability for the symbol
Back view is particularly badass btw

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Thanks Buddy @aforalegria i will definitely keep it in mind

Hi Guys
Finally i am almost there for the final submission. This might be my last update on the WIP thread. it was a great journey. almost a month i guess :smiley: i am so thankful to the flipednormals team for conducting this challenge.

It was a journey of learning and practice for me. met a lot of slimier minded and helpful artist here. thanks to all you guys :pray:

the last image i composited in Photoshop just to get the feel of the character :slight_smile: