Warlock Girl Faun

I’ve decided to take part in the shuttle, too, even though there’s not much time left.

The final concept is in my head, and here are the referenda I chose.

WIP1 - ZSpheres

WIP2 - Base Form

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WIP3 - some changes in forms, legs are shorter, tail ist lower and shorter, some base face forms

WIP4 - Weekend and have litttle bit time for this challenge =)
Some Changes in my model … I think it was last changes in sculpt of character.

WIP5 - Hands

I don’t know if I’ll make it through texture and rendering today, but I’ll try really hard.

to late but it done and i’m so so happy

My Model ist wood Warlock Faun Dalana with 55612 Tris and 2 Texture Sets 4K

It was my second Character with full Pipeline (Sculpting, Retop, UV, Texturing, Rendering)

Thank you so much for this Challenge