Warlock Fortress

Hello. First time participating in an Environment Challenge. So far it is very challenging lol. Wanted to do some kind of Fortress in a tree, but atm I am not sure if a giant tree would add anything. For now I will focus on creating a castle layout since I found that creating a castle is much more difficult than expected.

Well here are some sketches of mine




Do not read if you are in my DnD group!

Little Update. I decided to not design my own castle, since I am currently running the DnD Adventure “Curse of Strahd” for a group of friends, and it features a castle that fits perfectly in what I wanted to make. So I decided to make that one instead, so I have something to show to my players and also can participate in this challenge.

Progress from Blockout to current state. Still have to do some Details and the Mountain on which it stands. But I will probably focus on the mountain, textures and Lighting first before adding details.


Ok. I completely destroyed my castle scene. Made so much mistakes, that it got impossible to work with.

Well I learnt from it and in this time my dnd group got further in the story, so I started my new scene. It is very different, but I tried to capture the same mood.

I hope you don’t mind, this massive change.

Well that was my last blender environment for the forseeable time to learn unreal.