Warlock Environment - Warlock's Room

My concept for this is a modern Warlock’s room, who has been using their room to grow mushrooms for their patron. I didn’t know much about warlocks, so I looked into D&D warlocks and patrons, and I found a demon related to fungi, and this concept popped into my head. I started blocking out everything today, and I will keep working on it tomorrow.

Feedback is appreciated!


My current blockout of the room. I made some bottles and corks, and a dagger, and will start on making some mushrooms tomorrow


Looking nice!!

Progress today was making blockouts for mushrooms and scroll handles.

Back from the weekend, made the high and low poly of the pillow, mattress, and bookstand.

Spent most of last week and today making the full blockout and bringing it into UnReal to figure out the lighting. I still don’t really know much about how to do anything in UnReal, but I think I have the blockout down, and a good idea of the shots for the final.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

My second shot. I think I’m going to add more mushrooms on the wall, since it looks a little empty, but any additional feedback is welcome.

Some of my progress. Also, I forgot to mention this, but I’m thinking some of the mushrooms will be emissive, in warm colors to contrast with the cool room lighting.