Warlock Environment - Warlock Study Hall

Hi all,

This is my rough sketch of how my warlock environment will look. I will be using realistic PBR textures in Unreal Engine, taking advantage of the megascans texture and material library. I will be modelling all of the assets, except for some potential exterior assets (rocks, trees, etc).

I will be posting a block out in engine in the next week or so.

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nice job!!!

Here are some screenshots of my current blockout. I’m quite happy with the size and scale of everything. I thought that the little tree and garden I had originally planned for wasn’t really going to work, so I have swapped it out for a ‘mystical floating object’. At the moment, I’m thinking something like the Eye of Magnus from Skyrim, but I may change it as I start to build the scene. I feel this is enough for me to go off and start smashing out assets!