Warlock Environment - The Nightmare Portal

Hello. I’ve not posted on flippednormals before and thought as I’m nearing the end of my 3d Animation degree I’d really like to have a crack at this. I’ve drawn up a basic shot of what I want to make for the Warlock Environment. It will consist of the foreground element as hero piece 1 which is a skeletal remains pile with various weaponry strewn around them slumped against a crag with tufts of earth atop. Next a mid ground element for the second hero piece which will be a jutting causeway leading to a penultimate altar. Finally the final hero piece will be a horrific figure looming through the darkness of a summoners portal. I’ll be modelling everything from scratch in 3D and then hopefully i dont need to stray too far from this final shot but if the figure in the portal can’t be done in this environment challenge then a portal to a nightmare realm will be fine too. .