[Warlock Challenge] - [Zia'ka]

To start with, the concept for this character is NOT mine - she was created by Chris Zito (https://twitter.com/CzBacklash) as an NPC for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign ran by Team Four Star.

While I have drawn on some of the various fan-art for inspiration, as well as her official portrait, she is described largely as looking like an Indian Black Cobra with arms, dressed in a set of patchwork robes/cloak, with numerous piercings and gold studs along her hood. She is a Warlock in the D&D tradition, a magic user who draws their power from an otherworldy creature–a giant fire/earth elemental serpent called ‘The Collective One’

I’ve only been able to work on this for an hour or two per day, but for less than a week of sculpting I’m pleased with the progress so far.

First I made a quick sketch how I’d like the final image to be laid out. Its rough, but gives me something to aim for.

(can only post one image as a new user, so more in the next post Dx )

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End of Day 1

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End of Day 2

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End of Day 3

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End of Day 4

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Kinda mid-way through Day 5


Its still technically Day 5, and I may still work on this more tonight, but we’ll call this End of Day 5 xD

Looking forward to the (helpful) criticism and turning this into a (hopefully) very nice sculpt!

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Hey, interesting character you’ve got here. I really like how the head is coming along, although tweaking the body proportions might help to improve the sculpt overall. I’m not sure what kind of style your going for yet (realistic or stylised) but the hands and arms feel too large at the moment. Also the abdomen area seems very elongated and a bit narrow especially at the hips and ribcage. Something similar to this might be good reference to base the anatomy and proportions on:

Also when sculpting the breasts remember that they’re basically hanging fat lol. Gravity plays a big part in how they’re shaped. Anyway good luck, this could turn out really cool by the end XD

Hey Tom, thanks for the critique! I totally agree on the arms/hands, at least from the elbows down needs to be much smaller. I’ll probably tweak the proportions on her torso a bit still, but as she’ll have a robe on (hopefully in the next few days) I’m not going to stress about the anatomy there too much. Once she’s dressed I’ll have a better idea what areas to focus on.

After a couple weeks of being otherwise pre-occupied, I finally got around to addressing a few things here. Made the forearms shorter, did a retopology pass (might need to go back and fix a few things still) and took WAY TOO LONG in Marvelous Designer trying to make a simple hooded robe that actually fit some semblance of correctly. Going to fix a couple proportion issues, address the hands, and then try to get some secondary details back in.