[Warlock Challenge] - [Wren]

Hi all, this is a character that i have made so far for the warlock challenge.

here is an update on the warlock, never really sculpted a staff like this, it was a bit tedious but i had fun making it.


after i was done with the sculpt i took it into maya to be (retopo’ed?)
the Rig was an addon called Advance Skeleton for maya.

took the model into substance painter for some texturing, had to take the textures into Photoshop to be cleaned up a bit.

i used marmoset to try and get a rendered picture out but marmoset was giving me a bit of problems an i didn’t have much knowledge of the program to overcome it.

i later moved the model into UE4, thinking the rendering would give me a better result.
At first the scene made the model looked really saturated and i didn’t really know what was going on.

After creating a new scene and watch a quick tutorial i have made a scene i feel happy with.