[Warlock Challenge] - Vesyth Karnem

Hi everyone! My first update for this challenge. Since I’m not good at concept art I decided to use this concept from Shane Walters as main reference. I like the design of the clothes and the character itself, I think has some interesting challenges to tackle like fuse together human anatomy and dragon features.


He is a necromancer, and maybe it’s different from a typical warlock character. Do you think it’s a good idea or am I going off topic?

I tried to contact the artist several times through email, Artstation and Linkedin, with no luck. Hope he is ok. I’m willing to close the project and to try to pivot if he ever tells me I can’t use it.
More updates coming very soon.


This is the progress of the blockout so far. I will start detailing more and more for having a good high-poly. I would like to know you thoughts about it. Thanks.


Awesome start

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Thank you! @UnkindledSnow

Really cool concept and blockout!

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Thank you @itayogev

Hi everyone! How the challenge is going so far?
Here is my progress of the high-poly. I have to finish adding details to some parts and add some straps that are missing. What do you guys think?
I’m going to start the low-poly phase in a couple of days, I have just properly finish this.

I have not planned to do the fur on the neck piece of the jacket, at least for the high-poly. I’m thinking do it later with cards (like hair). Any advice?


Great work Michele! I love the face of this character.
A small advice: attention on drapery and in general on clothes creases.
The fur with cards i thinks is a good idea … i hope to see soon this detail . :slight_smile:
I want that you do a great work.
Keep it up.

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Thanks for the advice @netkingZ! It’s my first character with this amount of clothes and I’ve done a lot of experiments with creases and fabric details, so far. I will continue to play around until I get a results I like.
Hope the cards system for the fur will not take me too much time to have something decent :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! Little update of my character. I started to do some experiments for creating the fur, but for now I have nothing to show. I finalized the high-poly, keeping more attention to the clothes and I started the low-poly. Hopefully I will be able to start texturing by the end of next week.


I have a feeling that once you finish the fur and textures, this is going to be a hard submission to beat

@Mhiko Thank you man! I actually don’t know if I’m able to finish the submission on time. I’ve got a lot going on in the last weeks. When I eventually finish it and post the results here for sure.