[Warlock Challenge] – [The Unspoken]

Hello, everyone! I’m really excited to participate in this challenge. For this one I’m trying to get a dark mood for the character and tell a chilling story behind it. I hope I do it through the design.

Thanks for anyone checking my thread and good luck to all participants!

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Below there’s my mood board. The idea is to make a masked character, with some light armor and hints occultism in his adornations.


Just started to blockout the main shape of the character and study my references to try to visualize how it will work. I just trew some ideas on him, reworked a few shapes and now I think it looks generaly ok. The fabric stuff is not looking great since I tried just to get the main pieces of the character and not worry too much about it. I will work it out properly in Marvelous Designer.

I will probably add a fell things later on, make smal props to him and perhaps change some details, but I think the central idea for the character is right in there.

Fell free to send your thoughts and feedbacks.

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As I thought, I changed a lit bit the design as I was creating his clothes in Marvelous Designer. But I like it more this way. I’ll spent the next days sculpting details and then move on to his mask. I’ll add more assets to the character later on. What do you think?