[Warlock Challenge] - [The Shaman]

Hey everyone! I’m joining the Warlock Real-time Character challenge with one of my first original characters, The Shaman! Here’s my first Work in Progress. The idea behind this character is that of an old man who, in his youth, became the protector of a village and in his desperation to save everyone from a plague, made a deal with forces he didn’t understand, now he’s the vessel of a dark power that grants him ludricrous abilites and makes him immortal, but at a very high cost…


Second WIP for my Warlock Challenge entry “The Shaman” ! I’ve gone for the hobbo/old man in the woods style. The Retopology process is finished and the texturing process is under way, in a few days I’ll be finishing up the textures and adding some additional elements before getting into the rigging phase! I will be uploading some of the texturing stage once I finish all of the accesories for the character.