[Warlock Challenge] - [The Adept]

This is my WIP thread for the game character challenge.

I like the DnD idea of a warlock being the patron of an otherworldly entity which grants them magical powers in exchange for their service, but I’ve never played DnD, so I’m basing the clothes and armor on a mix between Skyrim’s mages and the Witcher’s armor. This particular warlock is a young-ish human and follows the tradition of being male. Since they do their own exploring to find the power and knowledge they seek, they need to be well armed and equipped, but still able to both defend themselves or move fast if necessary.

I’ll update the lore as I update the thread. Any and all criticism is welcomed. I’m going to post the images to an imgur album so that I don’t have to keep updating them here. https://imgur.com/a/SNOfUJn

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Update 1:
I think I’m done with the silhouette now, and I’ve blocked out some basic clothes and items this warlock will need for his journey to find magic and power. It’s by no means all that he will have in the end, but it’s an update on the progress. (only one image per post for new users, so I will be changing them as I update the post.)

Update 2:

I’ve finished the basic facial sculpting, got all the bony landmarks in and the general look done, and I’m happy with the features, so I’ll be finishing up the rest of the body and then moving on to the clothes next. I also decided what kind of staff he will wield and did a bit of sculpting on it.

Update 3:

Okay so after a few weeks hiatus I’m back to update the thread again. I scrapped the first idea and chose an existing concept because it was turning out to be harder than I expected to try make my own concept. So far I’ve managed to do a full retopo and am working on mid frequency details. I also blocked out the new clothes and would like some feedback on any and all of it.

The concept I chose to use as inspiration for his appearance is of the sorcerer Hex from the original Ben 10 series.


The skull painted on his face is what I originally intended to use, and that’s where I remember first seeing it. I also liked the hooded robe that sat over his shoulders but didn’t obstruct him or fall off. I wanted to keep some sense of practicality, so while I kept the straps around his arms and feet, he has longer pants and a sort of “skirt”/tasset thing around his waist. The ring is a placeholder and I might change it into a belt buckle since I already made one. I managed to make a dagger I was happy with, but the first staff was too wood-like so I’m going to model another one more suited to this theme. He’ll need some kind of belt to hold his spellbook and potions as well, but luckily I can re-use the one I made for the previous design. More updates, and sooner, next time!

As of the latest update, here’s what I’ve got so far:

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@tranceplant i hope you dont mind me giving you feedback. I literally have nothing good to do right now.

please give it to me. I’d love some feedback as I’ve never done a full human sculpt or clothes before.

@tranceplant. 1st this concept is dank and reminds me of Samurai Jack.
Ok so if u have the time look up some anatomy echorche. Try to understand why those shapes are so exaggerated in the concept. Try to put cylinders and spheres instead of straight away detailing the muscles. This way is faster and best suitable for stylized sculpting. i will send u images of what i mean- the things that u can work on, if u wish to do so. Sorry for the harsh feedback. I am trying to share what i know.

Here u go bro. Just basic photoshop stuff. I will show you zbrush also. And suggest a video also.

I actually prefer the harsh sounding criticism because I can get a better understanding of what to improve. I’ve been using anatomy references, so the problem may just be as simple as my lack of experience. :sweat_smile:

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There is no problem bro. We are all learning here. Well all lack experience Lol. Any who
If u are having trouble with respect to anything. Hit me up. I will try and use my scrubby brain.

So here’s the actual base model with 0 and 1 level of subdivisions respectively. You can see the vertex count on the bottom bar. I don’t really know at what count to transition from bony landmarks to mid frequency details.

0 levels subdivision

1 level subdivision

U can start you mid frequency details with your level 1 subdivision and build up as u go higher.

Do you have any suggestions on where I should start with the mid frequency details? Like what kind of things should I be looking to sculpt at this stage?

@tranceplant Ok so according to the concept. i think u should start focusing on the face torso and arms. rest all are covered by clothes so no need to worry about those. Refine the shape of arms. Make him a little skinny. Also try to add some silhouette information through the clothes. For eg extend the shoulder fabric a little outside so that there is little sharpness to break all the curves throughout the body. And a little bit of that beanie sharpness to the head cloth.

I get how to add silhouette information using the clothes, but I’m not sure I understand what to do to refine the shape of the arms. Could you explain a bit more?

I feel like I’m going to have to subdivide this again if I should start refining stuff, but as I said before, I don’t really know when it’s appropriate to move to a higher poly detail level.

Ok can u show me a render of front side and 3/4th view. So that i can give u feed back based on that. Then i will send u images

Update 5: Here are is the final model before texturing and it’s accompanying silhouettes. I’ll move on to the texturing process in the morning, but I wanted to make this update to show that I’m basically finished with the form.

Update 6: The UVs are all done and the base is finally ready for texturing!