[Warlock Challenge] - [The Adept]

This is my WIP thread for the game character challenge.

I like the DnD idea of a warlock being the patron of an otherworldly entity which grants them magical powers in exchange for their service, but I’ve never played DnD, so I’m basing the clothes and armor on a mix between Skyrim’s mages and the Witcher’s armor. This particular warlock is a young-ish human and follows the tradition of being male. Since they do their own exploring to find the power and knowledge they seek, they need to be well armed and equipped, but still able to both defend themselves or move fast if necessary.

Update 1:
I think I’m done with the silhouette now, and I’ve blocked out some basic clothes and items this warlock will need for his journey to find magic and power. It’s by no means all that he will have in the end, but it’s an update on the progress. (only one image per post for new users, so I will be changing them as I update the post.)

Update 2:

I’ve finished the basic facial sculpting, got all the bony landmarks in and the general look done, and I’m happy with the features, so I’ll be finishing up the rest of the body and then moving on to the clothes next. I also decided what kind of staff he will wield and did a bit of sculpting on it.

I’ll update the lore as I update the thread. Any and all criticism is welcomed. I’m going to post the images to an imgur album so that I don’t have to keep updating them here. https://imgur.com/gallery/6pHvFJI

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