Warlock Challenge - Stylized Mausoleum

Wont have anymore time before the 20th to work on this. So here is the current final environment! Really had a blast working on this and hope more fun challenges are coming soon!!


Rather generally unhappy with the tree. Its supposed to help the whole composition and I feel like it does but it doesn’t really stand out in any way. I want it to be more of a hero prop in its own right so im changing it.

Another update! Worked on the lighting, and the stained glass windows! Very happy with hows its coming along :slight_smile: All CC is welcome of course!!

Quick update! Just worked on a bit more texturing, added a chimney and smoke FX as well! Once I do the final upload ill add in a video or something so you can see everything moving :slight_smile:

Next update! 5/8/2020
Got a lot more of the texturing done and did up the lighting a bit more as well :slight_smile:

Fifth Update! 5/7/2020

Got a lot of the textures done :slight_smile: Constantly updating as I figure out new methods on how to paint and such.

Fourth Update!! Brought it into Unity real quick just to do some light tests, see if I could get the correct mood!

Third Update!! Just finished up UV’ing everything and tried to make sure everything had the same / similar texel density. Ive separated it into 3 materials Wood, Rock and Vegetation. Youll be able to see the 3 different materials in the snapshot below.

Vegetation is super bright, Wood is darker and Rock is inbetween.

This will allow me to separate everything when sculpting as well as everything with a similar material will be sculpted in a similar way if that makes sense! Very excited to get on with it. Ill also add snapshot of my UV’s themselves, as you can see, specifically in the vegetation UV’s I kept about 20-25% space at the top as I am thinking that I will most likely add in some extra meshes along the way such as grass, ferns, bushes, mushrooms etc., :slight_smile:
Hope you like the update! Any and all critiques are always welcome!!

UV Snapshot

Rock UV

Vegetation UV

Wood UV

Second Update! Super excited with how this is coming along, ive extended the roots a little more and need to do a bit of editing on the mausoleum itself to give it that more stylized / cartoony look! But here you go :slight_smile:

First update! Finished up the tree, now to separate all the parts that will be duplicated over and then off to UV and into ZBrush! But thats for tomorrow :slight_smile: Would love any critiques and feedback!

Joining a little late but awesome to meet you all! My name is Indy Taen and ill be joining for the environment challenge! So here is a WIP, I still have a lot to do for sure! But as far as blockouts go im pretty happy so far :slight_smile: Still some vegetation that I have planned out, and then into ZBrush we go! Would really love some critique on scale if possible!

After I finish up a base tree ill probably bring the whole thing into Unity real quick just to play around with some lighting and see if I can get that eerie feel that im going for!

My 3 hero objects are going to be the Mausoleum itself, the floating crystals and the tree.

Please submit this under “final submissions” so you can take part in the prize draw! This looks great and it would be a shame not to have it be part of the final lineup :slight_smile:

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I asked in that thread how to submit! I still haven’t gotten a reply yet. I need to figure that out