[Warlock Challenge] - [Slomizz]

This is my WIP thread for Slomizz - my entry for the VFX warlock challenge. I started creating this character on March 9th.

This is my concept piece for the character, whipped together in about 20 minutes or so. I want to make some exaggerated proportions, while still keeping it semi believable.

I’m currently getting the base form and clothing put together in Zbrush, so I’ll upload a screengrab of that soon!

March 15th - I’ve been doing a lot of sculpting in zbrush over the past couple days - here’s a screenshot.

I’m happy with the character itself, and I’m currently working on the clothing and accessories. I’m hoping to get that done today and start texturing tomorrow.

March 16th - I’m finished with the sculpting for this character. I hadn’t done very many UV’s before with zbrush, so that took me quite a while.
Here’s a quick render from blender, using EEVEE:

Now to send it over to substance painter and start the texturing process!

March 19th - All the texturing is done! I am now doing some magical effects with smoke simulation and emissive objects, and then I’ll probably render and call it done. :slight_smile:


It’s been a while since I updated this, so here we go! I’ve been working on lighting and things of that nature, and got this quick closeup rendered and comped yesterday:

I"m not quite happy with his warts and the magic symbol on the hood, but overall I think it’s going pretty well.

This is looking very exciting! We’ve featured you in our challenge update newsletter which just went out :slight_smile:

I’m finally calling it quits - here are my final 3 renders!

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